Let me grace you all with this amazing woman. She was first discovered by a photographer for Ebony magazine, where she since then has been featured on multiple covers. She has been nominated and won awards from the Emmy’s and Golden Globe, as well as making musical theater appearances.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am talking about the legendary, Cicely Tyson.

“I saw that I could not afford the luxury of just being an actress. So I made a choice to use my career as a platform to address the issues of the race I was born into.”
–Cicely Tyson

Cicely is most recognized for her role in the 1972 movie Sounder and won an Academy Award for Best Actress, but I recognize her as a woman of substance and perseverance. Her role in setting an example for young black women has never gone unnoticed. She has appeared in over 20 films, 60 television series, 15 plays, and has been nominated for 13 Emmy awards and actually won 3 of them, just to start you off (talk about black girls rock). Coming from a background in theatre, I understand what it could’ve been like for her as a black woman in a society that had not embraced black actors yet, and that’s what makes her one of the greatest to ever do it.

“The moment anyone tries to demean or degrade you in any way, you have to know how great you are. Nobody would bother to beat you down if you were not a threat.”
– Cicely Tyson

Ms. Tyson also won awards for just being a woman of defiance. In 1982 she was awarded the Women in Film Crystal Award, for her assistance in expanding the role of women in the entertainment industry and has continued to get honorary degrees from Morehouse College and Howard University. The list can go on and on, but what I want to highlight is her ability to open up so many doors and be an educator on such a wide scale. A natural born leader and a woman whose legacy will live on for generations to come. Oh, and can I mention how FLY she is? Goals.

“I will lead my people out of bondage, Lord.”- Cicely Tyson

Lexii Taylor
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