Melanated & Motivated | Bridgette & Bianca Tatum

This week’s Melanated & Motivated is focused on the power of sisters in business! Meet the twin-preneurs Bridgette and Bianca Tatum, the owners of the boutique, Eighttwenty91 (representing the twins’ birthday) Their story is one of many exam ...

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LATRISE SHERIFF... Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Director + Artist and an overall talented girl boss with an eye for style, and a need to produce dopeness on every level. The Windy City native is no stranger to hard work and her credentials as a wardrob ...

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Beauty Babes: Elaine Welteroth | Teen Vogue

When your work load is consumed with testing out the must-have products, BTS of one epic cover after another, traveling excursions to some of the world’s most beautiful places because they appreciate the importance of beauty as much as you do… hardly ...

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