Hey, Style Mavens! This week’s Top Five Friday’s is for my ladies who have ends to meet and goals to exceed. Ebony Swank, is the owner of several boutique locations, including an online boutique, AND she teaches classes on entrepreneurship as well! Talk about a girl boss, or “girlpreneur,” moves. The term “girlpreneur,” actually is one she originally coined to describe the type of woman who creates her destiny and sees no ceilings. If Ebony Swank’s name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’ve been sleeping, love. Swank A Posh was launched in 2009, but after only six months of running, it was temporarily closed down. NO Sweat, because what do Black Women do best? Bounce TF Back!

Ebony Swank, owner of Swank A Posh boutique

In an interview with Rollingout, she touched bases on the importance of knowing your market and how to brand for your consumer. Mastering that, along with other business skills she developed during her journey she was able to revamp her brand and turn it into an empire! The Detroit-based boutique has all the girls shook, especially with their stretchy jeans (if you know, you know). Now, let’s get into our TOP FIVE FAVORITES from SWANK A POSH boutique…

  1. Beverly Rose Mesh Pants Set

2. Master Satin Mesh Blouse

3. SupaGa High Waist skinny jeans

4. Razz Open Shoulder Track Suit

5. F Him Mesh footed leggings

Style Mavens, we hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Five Fridays, but it doesn’t stop here! Make sure you visit Swank A Posh and show them some love! For my aspiring girlpreneurs, I highly recommend giving Ebony Swank’s personal Instagram a strong look because she provides heavy gems and engages with her audience. This is a very crucial time as Black People, and Black Creatives, we need to support each other at all costs. The first place you can start is by educating yourself and being mindful of where your dollars are going. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and share. Ciao, Bellas! Check-in next week!