Happy Friday, Style Mavens!

I love to see businesses that are launched in college prosper, college kids, know. There are so many brands that have started in college, and it’s the perfect place to solidify yourself as a business owner. That said, I’d like to draw your attention to this week’s Top 5 Fridays – The #SmallBusiness company is Springbreak Watches (SPGBK); co-founded by a duo partnership who happens to be fraternity brothers. Their entire brand is college-themed, which I find it to be very relatable for the ever-growing educated population! Based in North Carolina, these two men create 100% sustainable watches that come in a variety of bright colors and different materials including wood. Ugh, the power of #blackexcellence keeps wowing me every day! So let’s get started…

1) The Reid Ross

Let’s kick it off introducing you to one of their signature wooden watch designs. The ‘Reid Ross’ watch is 100% recycled material, and super versatile!

2) The Hillendale

The Row A Seat 1 Family is no stranger to the color pink – We are Team Pink over here! So, I couldn’t resist showing you guys the ‘Hillendale’ watch, isn’t she a beauty?

3) The Celebration

Whether your reaction is ‘Hello, Sunshine’ or ‘Mellow Yellow,’ ‘The Celebration’ watch is very dope indeed! The color yellow is one of those expressions that look poppin’ on literally anyone!

4) Royal Flush

The name says it all, ‘the ‘Royal Flush’ watch is one you’ll pull out for a day of slight flexin’ with the fellas or a mature stunt brunch with the girl gang – We all in!

5) Southview

Something about the color orange has really been growing on me lately. The ‘Southview’ watch is very eye-catching and sporty, I love it!

I’m sure you’re intrigued and wondering, “where can I get one”? You already know what type of time we’re on! We got you covered, click on the name of each watch and the will direct you to the style of your choice!

Before You Go – We’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below or engage with us on Instagram: RowASeat1, Springbreak Watches Instagram: spgbk.