Hi, Style Mavens! Where do I start with our Top Five Friday’s fav of the week, Kollin Carter? I’ve been following Kollin for about two years now, and he just keeps getting better and better! If you haven’t heard of him yet, you have definitely seen his work. A-Listers like Cardi B, Normani, Kelly Rowland, and Naomi Campbell are just a few names for you to start your research.

Kollin Carter, stylist.

Kollin Carter – only 27 and he’s gaining the credentials of artists who worked longer than his 6 years in the game. In his interview with Cosmopolitan, he explained how he worked with THEE Law Roach for three years before spreading his wings as a stylist. His first client was singer Justin Skye and right before the bop of Summer 2017, “Bodak Yellow” hit the scene, he connected with Cardi B for her cover on Fader magazine. The rest was history!

I admire the amount of courage this man possesses! He’s one of few stylists who are actually vocal about the injustice he experiences while working his way up in the fashion industry. From designers declining his requests to work with his clients, racial issues, and all the way to simply not working with designers who don’t represent an appropriate message. So, what are we taking a look at today? This week I’m showing My Top 5 favorite looks from and his clients of course! Let’s get into it.

The Money” Video

Miss America Appearance

Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party

Grammy’s 2019

Oh, how I loveeeeee an archive! Her gown is from 1995 by Manfred Theirry Mugler. I was completely speechless when I saw this look because Cardi B has proven to us time and time again how unpredictable she is and how she deserves her respect. Apparently she could only take 3-inch steps, but it was totally worth it.

Harper’s Baazar Icon Party

Well, Style Mavens, I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with Row A Seat 1 today! Kollin is on his way to the top and the growth I am seeing in his work is amazing to watch. With both him and Cardi B at the pinnacle of their career, it is safe to say that this is only the beginning of an era for the both of them. I can’t say that I am surprised that someone who has styled for divas like Naomi Campbell and Kelly Rowland can experience obstacles when finding pieces for clients. Nonetheless, it is apparent that black creatives will eventually have ‘a seat at the table‘ and when that happens it will be epic. Follow Kollin on Instagram @kollincarter and definitely do not forget to follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1. Ciao, Bellas!