Yes! We’re still on a natural high from all the Juneteenth festivities, that said, we’re dedicating this week’s Top Five Friday’s to jewelry designer, Johnny Nelson Jewelry.

Jewelry Designer Johnny Nelson

Do you all remember those dope beads the models wore in Pyer Moss’ “Sister” show for NYFW? What about those amazing buttons used for Lena Waithe’s suit for her Met Gala ensemble?  Wait For It… The mastermind behind those iconic statement pieces is Johnny Nelson, and if you didn’t know about him before surely you’ll be intrigued after this story! in 2017, Johnel Jaimson (aka Johnny Nelson), founded his jewelry business after collaborating with this mother on his first three-finger ring. Fun fact: The UK born, but the Brooklyn-raised jewelry designer started as a rapper. In an interview with Refinery29 and i-D , he elaborated that he was freshly off tour, and in 2014 it was the first time his mother made him the three-finger ring that eventually turned into Johnny Nelson the brand. His jewelry is DOPE, y’all. If you’re looking for some real Hip-Hop, black historical, statement pieces this is the jewelry line for you!

Her Freedom

New Edge Razor Earrings

Black Panther Party

African Misfit

Four Fingers of Def

Happy Friday, Style Mavens, and I’m wishing everyone a Happy Belated Juneteenth, next year’s celebrations will be super lit! What amazes me the most about Johnny Nelson is that he founded his brand only three years ago! Talk about motivation. This young man saw a lane and ran with it! Definitely keeping a watchful eye on this one. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @johnnynelsonjewelry and comment below. Also, follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1. Ciao, Bellas!