Block Thirty-Seven on State St. is the home of many powerhouse brands like Anthropologie, Akira, Zara, Sephora or Disney, but my favorite part about the mall would be its strong presence of the Chicago streetwear luxe brand, Iridium, and its spin-off, The Lab.

During my visit for this week’s Top Five Friday, Iridium, the niche hidden gem in the middle of downtown’s Loop showed me, genuine love! I had the amazing opportunity to connect with the owner, (Platinum), as he and a few of the Iridium Team showed me the newest merchandise along with some unique colLABorations. Now, let’s get more into this visit plus the items I selected this week…

1) Iridium x Sophagus Wedding Jacket

Oh, how I love a leather jacket! I actually saw this in the store in black, but I thought the red was way more popping and eyecatching! $275

2) Tree Drips x Iridium

You’d think this is just a cool Champion hoodie until…
Owww!!! You see this DOPE ass Homer Simpson visual all handmade! Tree Drips is a sub-label Iridium collaboration that is zero waste and eco-friendly! $125 and totally worth it.

3) Neon Green Iridium Purse

love the new trend of carrying light! I know as ladies we want to carry everything with us to make sure we are covered for just about anything, it’s okay to travel with the necessities sometimes! $60

4) Cherub T-Shirt

This is actually a part of their new Cupid collection, which everyone should check out because it looks good whether you are male or female. This tee comes in white as well! $42

5) Crazy Pockets Pants

Pockets for dayysssss, honey. You’ll never need anything more than your wallet, I promise you, lol. I love these as a transitional piece from summer to fall! $110

I really hope you all give them a looksie soon! Iridium is located inside the Block 37 Mall, 108 N State St #232, Chicago, IL 60602 on the first floor. If you’re looking for a few one of kind Off-White, Bape, Supreme, or classic Jordan 1’s, make sure you check out The Lab, located on the second floor (next to Zara). Hours are 11 am- 8 pm Monday thru Saturday and 12 pm- 6 pm on Sunday!