Hi, Style Mavens! Happy Friday! Welcome back to Row A Seat 1! I have one word for you all, versatility. Nowadays, everything is about branding, image, and appealing to a lifestyle when discussing businesses from fashion to farming industries. Heron Preston blissfully pulls this concept off every time. Launched in 2016, Heron Preston has been giving streetwear a run for its money ever since. This is not his first time at the rodeo either, Preston has a long history of collaborating with various artists and companies including Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Carhatt, Nike, NASA, and NYC Department of Sanitation.

Heron Preston: designer, dj, creative director, and content creator.

San Fransisco-raised, Preston received a B.B.A at Parsons with a degree in fashion and management. After graduating, he remained in New York to pursue his dream as an artist. What makes Heron Preston so special is his ability to rebrand and rework ideas into something new! I think as an artist, period, it is important to keep things fresh for yourself. In a recent interview with SSENSE, he mentioned how vital curiosity is and I completely agree. The reason why designers like him stay on top is that they aren’t afraid to be curious! What does that mean? What if I put this on a shoelace? Or take this recycled aluminum and create a dope ass ring? This statement also transcends into the heavy conversation of sustainability in fashion, because it is the second-largest contributor to pollution. Preston also touched bases on being a part of the solution after acknowledging the fact that he is a part of the problem, too. But, enough about the background, let’s get into these looks from his latest fall collection – Shall we?!

White Level Spirit Boots

HP x Ministry of Defence Camouflage Bomber

Cordura Duffle Bag

Heron Scarf

Tailoring Cargo Mini Skirt

That’s a wrap today, Style Mavens! I hope this has been a great starter kit for your fall and winter looks. I wanted to provide you all with Heron Preston because his brand has awesome basics that can fit any gender. I think what Heron Preston brings to streetwear is his versatility. He takes subjects from all areas of his craft and career to amplify each other. Follow him on Instagram: @heronpreston and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1 for our awesome mood boards and updates on fashion trends! Ciao, Bellas.