Happy Friday, Style Mavens! Now that school is officially back in session, we have to make sure the little ones are fly for virtual class and daycare. Children’s clothing is so much fun to analyze and style because you can get very creative, especially with prints! The best part about going “Back to School” is that EVERYTHING is on sale – perfect if you like to shop ahead for the holiday!

Let’s keep it real for a second, just because its cute doesn’t mean it’s safe for a little one. So, I have some really great sustainable, affordable, and BLACK-owned companies lined up. Enjoy!

Happy Mangos

Phnewfula Frederiksen, owner of Happy Mangos

Coco’Pie Clothing

Shantae Pelt, owner of Coco’Pie ClothingB

Tippy Tot Shoes

Yolandra Rodgers, innovator and owner of Tippy Tots Shoes


Doug Freitag and Keewa Nurullah, owners of Kido

Pooters Diapers

Maj Bass, owner of Pooters Diapers and beautiful family

Le sigh! Where would the world be without Black people?! I mean seriously, we are continuously raising the bar and setting the standard no matter what lane we decide to target! What I am most excited about is the generation of children who will grow up knowing the best products for their hair, understanding sustainability, having a better sense of community, and most importantly, innovators. This list of brands above is the perfect starter kit for new moms or people who are looking to go green! Don’t forget to follow the Row A Seat 1 family on Instagram @rowaseat1. Ciao, Bellas!

Happy Mangos: @shophappymangos

Coco’Pie Clothing: @cocopieclothing

Tippy Tot Shoes: @tippy_tot_shoes

Kido : @kidochicago

Pooters Diapers: @pootersdiapers