Happy Friday, Style Mavens, and welcome back to Row A Seat 1! If you’re one of our divas, I suggest you grab your husband or your dapper bae because this is the perfect opportunity to add elegance to your man’s closet. This week’s Top Five Friday’s undoubtedly goes to menswear brand Frère, originally Musika Frère, co-founded by Aleks Musika and Davidson Frère. Now, these two are a living example of making connections and meeting like minds via Instagram!

Y’all know how black men will see each other and just give compliments until somebody says “aight playa”? That’s how I pictured this relationship coming into fruition. In their interview with Gerard Adams on his Youtube show Leaders Create Leaders, they elaborated on how they met just by commenting on each other’s style, love, and passion for luxury menswear! That was in 2012, about eight years later, they have constructed some amazing suits for celebrities like Jay-Z, Steph Curry, Nas, including costume design for films like Shaft, and many more. Trust me, I’m sure you’ve seen their work at some point… Luckily for us Frère added sportswear to their brands newest collection. So, instead of only showing suits, I will include looks from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Let’s get into it!

Multicolored/Neoprene Brocade Trucker

Sky Beige/Blue Bomber Trackpant Set

Navy/Black Patterned Two-Piece Tuxedo

Beige Brooklyn/Navy New York MA1 Bomber Jacket

Navy Paisley Liquid Velvet Dinner Jacket/Red Silk Wool Dinner Jacket

In a previous interview, someone stated along the lines that fashion will go back to being exclusive. People want custom or limited edition items. Individuality is at an all-time high in an age of influencers. Frère was an amazing example of how important content marketing is! Frère is running solely by Davidson now, and Aleks Musika now has his own brand Musika New York, but the work they both put into a dream is inspiring. Make sure you follow Davidson Frère and Aleks Musika on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to follow us @rowaseat1. Ciao, Bellas!