Not only is she style goals and a Howard University graduate, Kelsey Ashley, the owner of Beyond Measure, is also a wardrobe stylist. This power force drops gems every time she posts on the gram with her eclectic style! You have seen her work on celebrities like Desiigner, Saweetie, Dreamdoll and more. In her interview with FashionBombDaily, she mentioned that she is influenced by divas like; Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and more.  Whether it is her own work or the work of others, trust and believe Miss Kelsey will stun you every time. This week’s Top Five Friday undoubtedly is going to this style maven.

What I love most about fashion is how it gives everyone a sense of unity while also making us all unique. Corsets are definitely one of my favorite trends right now, although I believe it will be around for a long time, especially because customization has such a huge influence on statement pieces like it.  Okay, enough of my talking lets get into these corsets! Side note: as a fashion major I LOVE seeing a clothing garment from history made into something dope and innovative. Ugh, gotta love the fly girl magic

1) Beyond Defeat Corset

2) Beyond Gifted Corset

3) Beyond Bare Corset

4) Athletic Bustier

5) Vintage Bustier Corset Top

Thats all for this week’s Top Five Fridays! If you are interested in a Beyond Measure garment, follow her on Instagram: @kelseyashley_ and her business Instagram: @byondmeasure