Happy Friday, Style Mavens! I hope you all have been enjoying our last days of summer. I could not let this summer go by without acknowledging a special kind of takeover! Maryland native and Congolese creative Anifa Mvuemba, owner of Hanifa Official, has been a true inspiration and innovator for presenting pieces amidst a pandemic. I was a bit familiar with the brand, prior to the pandemic, from seeing some of my favorite fashionistas rock her creations. It was not until the beautiful virtual runway show that made me go, “Hold on, she might be on to something!”

The 20-something-year-old, Anifa already had an eye for fashion and style, attending Morgan State University’s fashion program. She launched Hanifa Official in 2012 after designing a dress for herself that gained great feedback, and eventually gained enough traction for the birth of Hanifa Official. Often reciprocated, but never duplicated, Hanifa introduced the first successful 3-D virtual runway show for her line, Pink Label Congo. It was absolutely stunning! Anifa has stated in previous interviews how heavy her value on inclusivity, and catering to the body of black women are. The show included the silhouette of one model, with a beautiful naturally curvaceous body, STRUTTING, okay? It was jaw-dropping because the clothes were fit perfectly. Now, let’s dive into this week’s Top Five Fridays.

Anifa Mvuemba, designer and owner of Hanifa Official

Veronique Blouse

I am always down for a fly blouse!! Not only are the ruched-detailed sleeves fire, the shape of the bodice is bomb, but it’s the camera quality for me, too (lol). This square neckline and button-down back allow conformity for various torso shapes on curvy women. I love it!


I love clothing that drapes over you and flows with the movement of your body… The Samaria skirt is one of those pieces. Mainly because by the looks of this fabric, no matter how much you decide to tie into a knot, the skirt maintains its shape and sways with yours!

Jolie Maxi Dress

Zaire Denim Set

Y’all know I love a good denim piece, so I could not pass up on this set! This piece is so fun and flirty whether you wear them as a set or not. Ruffles are always a great way to accentuate curves that do and don’t exist. The Hanifa website describes it as “empowered” and “poised”!

Gina Pantsuit

Although this pantsuit is currently sold out, I included it in Top Five Fridays because there is always a chance for a restock and just look at it!! Imagine going to present your clothing line or portfolio to a major company then you walk in looking like a boss. No one is telling you no. The Gina pantsuit is mature and striking.

That’s all for today, Style Mavens! Anifa is a great example of what representation can do and how important it is to stay true to who you are while keeping your mind grounded in your passion. This woman has created a clothing line catered to many shades, many shapes, and many tastes all within one community in itself. That’s black girl magic for real! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next. Black women are continuously raising the bar and setting the tone for the fashion industry. Don’t forget to follow Hanifa on Instagram @hanifaofficial for inspiration and different ways to style her bold and vibrant pieces. Also, follow the Row A Seat 1 IG page @rowaseat1 for daily mood boards and style tips. Ciao, Bellas!