What’s up, Row A Seat 1 Style Mavens! This week’s Top Five Fridays, we’ll be reviewing ORS Haircare’s CU Color Blast products and I am super excited about this feature! If you know me, you know I love trying new styles. Last summer, Row A Seat 1 covered an event for ORS Olive Oil ‘Fix It’ collection, and we’ve been using the products ever since. Curls Unleashed Color Blast is the new world of temporary hair color that’s keeping the natural hair community busy during this time of standstill. Formulated specifically for natural hair, Curls Unleashed Color Blast elongates and defines curls with beautiful, show-stopping color and no damage with a selection of ‘9 Poppin’ Temporary Color Hair Waxes.’

Let’s Get Into It – I received a CU Color Chameleon package that included four colors (Bodacious Blue, DragonFruit, Mystic, and Peachtree) and four styling products (Cocoa & Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner Creme, Coconut & Shea Butter Curly Coil HD Gel Souffle, Aloe Vera & Honey Texture Boosting Curl Jelly, and Shea Butter & Honey Curly Coil Rich Style Creme) I used to achieve my look. Before I show you all the items I used, I want you to know that it’s imperative you use gloves when applying this product because it can get a little messy. I am not a refined Naturalista at all, and it turned out great for me! So, whether you’re an expert or not, everything is easy to use, damage-free to your hair, and affordable!


Purple is my favorite color, and I used this as the main color! Color: Mystic


This color is more of a fuchsia color, so it compliments the Mystic well! Color: Dragonfruit


Remember a little goes a long way!. So, I used this color to achieve more of an ombre effect. Color: Bodacious Blue


I didn’t use much of this color because I just needed a pop of color, but I definitely want to style my hair with more hair waxes again! Color: Peachtree


Style Mavens, I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Top Five Fridays featuring CURLS UNLEASHED COLOR BLAST, and hopefully, you’ll try it! If you want to see my finished product, visit our Instagram: @rowaseat1 or follow @orscurlsunleashed for new product launches, reviews, and giveaways! Don’t forget to subscribe!