Happy Friday, Style Mavens, and welcome back to Row A Seat 1! We hope you all enjoyed spending time with your loved ones, we sure did! Today’s Top Five Friday will be highlighting designer Michael “Cowboy” Morris and his new chapter as a designer! The former stylist and operational manager for Trukfit by Lil Wayne; fast forward to the present day, Mike Morris has taken the fashion industry into his own hands by launching CWBY STUDIOS (2018). The entire collection is hand-cut and sewn to the needle as well as made with quality fabrics meant to last! Although Morris did not attend fashion school, his extensive background sparks from a conglomerate of his Detroit upbring mixed with undergrad experiences at Jackson State University; plus working closely with Megastar Lil Wayne over the years has given him an advantage, and insight into the business of fashion. CWBY STUDIOS is creatively inspired by western culture, fabrics, and details, only in non-traditional construct. Rooted in thrifting rare tee shirts for clients as a stylist in LA and his love for rebellious subcultures, let’s get into it!

Michael Morris, founder of CWBY STUDIOS

CWBY Logo Sweater

This sweater is made with 100% Merino wool with an embroidered logo from lambskin!! Guaranteed to keep you warm, comfy, and fly! Especially for those with broad shoulders, this is the perfect construction for someone who struggles with finding sweaters to fit their long arms as well.

Tristan Creeper

Saint Bomber Jacket

Detroit Oxford

Puffer Balaclava

Again, versatility and functionality are elements I absolutely cherish and look for! This particular piece is a collaboration between CWBY and Stinson Haus Balaclava. I think this is perfect for men, you know they often enjoy items that get straight to the point, because it serves as both a hat and adds some warm to your neck. 100% cotton with sateen lining for hair protection.

This entire collection is proof that sustainability can be both classic, and stylish, too. The emergence of smaller brands that are still accessible, while being luxurious is so amazing. Especially because many Black brands are making the push towards the right way of conducting business in this industry! Brands like CWBY STUDIOS show how possible it is to really focus on your craft and quality; rather than what is popular. After working with a big brand like Trukfit, which was all about aesthetics, Mike Morris has his brand image down to a science! I am so excited to see what he has in store for us in the future; this is only year two. Follow CWBY Studios on Instagram @cwby_studios to see this brand blossom. Don’t forget to follow us at @rowaseat1 for the upmost stylish mood boards, style tips, and new posts! Ciao, Bellas!