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2017: A year that’s been full of blessings, celebrations, collaborations, and Divine Order thus far. All holds true for the attractive, intelligent, trendsetting, business savvy, and risk-taking Chicago power couple, Brian & Autumn Merritt. 

While this year marks the 10-year business anniversary for the husband and wife duo behind the brand, Sir & Madame there has been a great amount of recognition for the roles they play in fashion and as a family (completed with two children which Autumn affectionately refers to as #MyWildThings aka Ari & Milo) throughout the city of Chicago. So many roles these two play, yet they make it all look so simple… From parenting to panels; recitals to fabric sourcing; planning birthdays to scheduling meetings; and from playdates to date night their days depend on communication and teamwork.

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So whenever they drop a capsule collection or announce an exclusive collaborative project just know there’s a burst of heat behind it. Whether it’s the Sir & Madame UNISEX Capsule Collection or the House of Tiki Hyde Park tribute tees, the creatives of Sir & Madame are inspired to bring their consumers ‘a lifestyle brand and boutique for the Sir & Madame worldwide.


“This collection was inspired by the habit of women, specifically Autumn, always wearing their spouses {Brian} clothing. While our clientele doesn’t shy away from shopping on both sides, we wanted to create a true Unisex collection. This capsule was actually supposed to hit shelves months ago, but due to changes in manufacturing the release was delayed. However, considering the Japanese Nylon fabrication and mild temps the timing is perfect.” – Autumn Merritt, the Madame of Sir & Madame.

Timeless. Stylish. Conversation Starters. These three words pretty much sum up my take on the Sir & Madame brand. You can never go wrong with a purchase in menswear, womenswear, jewelry, accessories, and home goods. Don’t miss out. Shop in-store and online here.

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