It’s been at least a decade since the best friend duo of Trois Chemises Couture introduced their ‘Cut & Tie’ collection to Chicago, NY and ATL. With Yoshi Williams’ insatiable ambition and Ebony Thurman’s knack for business savviness, Trois Chemises Couture created and designed everything from apparel to accessories.

Although they developed a solid buzz for the brand throughout Chicago it wasn’t enough for designer/model/stylist Yoshi, so she began her journey to NYC along with traveling abroad to enhance her skills as a designer. While in New York, Yoshi worked with a few showrooms that gave her some entrepreneurial tips on how to sell the brand. Through her travels to Hong Kong she sharpened her skills on fabric sourcing and manufacturing to produce a successful clothing line.

After taking special sewing courses, delving into photography and jet-setting across the pond for both business and pleasure, the designer duo is more confident the second time around than ever before. Row A Seat 1 catches up with the beautiful style maven, Yoshi Williams via mobile from her home in Atlanta.

Row A Seat 1: Trois Chemises is …

Trois Chemises: (So I’m going to be 100% honest with you Be) Trois Chemises is the brainchild of my sexiness (laughs), while shopping I couldn’t find things to compliment my shape or body. So my business partner/best friend, Ebony Thurman (Who Shot Ya Photography), and I created a brand we love, something that women who want to feel sexy, confident and fashion forward can enjoy as much as we do creating collections for Trois Chemises.

Row A Seat 1: What Trois Chemises ‘signature pieces’ should we look forward to for the upcoming seasons?

Trois Chemises: We’ll be introducing a new wave of one-pieces and swimwear for Spring/Summer ’14. It’s our vision to create a huge demand for each collection such as letterman jackets and trench coats for Fall/Winter adorned with exotic skins, prints, metallic and definitely leather. I promise there’s nothing better than a bad ass jacket … A statement jacket is always a must for Fall/Winter!

Row A Seat 1: It’s been a while since you’ve launched a collection from Trois Chemises, in what ways have you improved as a designer?

Trois Chemises: When we first launched Trois Chemises in 2003 it was all about having fun and showing skin (laughs). I’m 30 now and during this re-launch of our brand, Eb and I want to project more sophisticated ways of dressing with layers/mixing prints and not showing as much skin as I did in previous collections. Personally, I’ve never been one to follow every trend I see, and as a designer I don’t plan to present trendy collections to the Trois Chemises consumer. It’s all about reaching a broader audience with a new vision for Trois Chemises.

Row A Seat 1: Who is the Trois Chemises consumer?

Trois Chemises: The Trois Chemises consumer is a sexy and confident woman in the age group of 20-35 who is fashion forward. She needs to be open and approach fashion as a lifestyle!

Row A Seat 1: Yoshi, how are you inspired from one collection to the next?  

Trois Chemises: Funny you asked, I never can design for the upcoming seasons I’m always trying to think forward. When designing, travel is a must, I have to go somewhere like a change of climate sparks the next collection. I can see anything and grab inspiration the way a microwave is designed to get an idea for a sleeve. The latest collection from Trois Chemises inspired while I was on my patio and I saw the most beautiful bunch of flowers and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them – while other pieces where inspired by South of France likeMonaco

Row A Seat 1: Favorite Designers …

Trois Chemises: I must go with Nicholas Kirkwood – To me he shits on Louboutin! The shapes, the colors and his execution are what I love! Stella McCartney – You never know what to expect from her, she always keeps me surprised from collection to collection. Balmain – Did you see those knits? Those knits killed me, girl! And everyone else is very mundane, and I have a hard time following them.

Row A Seat 1: What do you say to those who are trying to break into this industry?

Trois Chemises: If you love what you do and you’re passionate, Do It! Because this here (industry) is not for the weak or timid … Do it because you absolutely love it – It can be very rigorous.

Head over to and take a look at the new collection, or follow the ladies of Trois Chemises on Instagram – IG: Troischemises for the latest updates, designs and news on Trois Chemises. (All images are credited to Ebony Thurman of WhoShotYa Photography.)