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Fresh Off The Runway: Lee Justin

Name: Lee Justin Age: 30 Hometown: Chicago, IL Agency: N/A Height: 6’2″ Shirt: Medium Weight: 155 lbs Waist: 31 Suit: 40L Shoe: 13 Hair: Brown Eye: Light Brown RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion? Lee Justin: I have always lo ...

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…Styled By Chad Groom | The Style Monsters

Meet Chad Groom, one-half of the genius NYC Style Duo that is The StyleMonsters. Our introduction took place to during New York Fashion Week by Nick Cross, designer of Egotistic Egotism as we awaited outside of Teyana Taylor’s fashion show. &#82 ...

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…Styled By Shayla Courtney

Experience, check: Modeling, Fashion Show Coordinating, Designing, Blogging, Styling, Consulting, and Personal Shopping – Fashion Connoisseur, Shayla Courtney does it all! With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and over ten years of experience i ...

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…Styled By @DutchTheOmen

To have a sense of personal style is one thing – to know, enjoy, understand and love the idea of changing someone’s confidence by strategically selecting an article of clothing is a gift … We call these rare finds, STYLIST! The profe ...

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