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Melanated & Motivated | Bridgette & Bianca Tatum

This week’s Melanated & Motivated is focused on the power of sisters in business! Meet the twin-preneurs Bridgette and Bianca Tatum, the owners of the boutique, Eighttwenty91 (representing the twins’ birthday) Their story is one of many exam ...

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Lexii’s Look for da Low | Russell Westbrook

These week’s Looks for da Low goes to OKC’s finest, Russell Westbrook. Yes, fellas, it is your time to shine on this one. Westbrook is known for his rather quirky, yet stylish swag. “After all, this is the guy who brought competitive dressing to crazy ...

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LATRISE SHERIFF... Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Director + Artist and an overall talented girl boss with an eye for style, and a need to produce dopeness on every level. The Windy City native is no stranger to hard work and her credentials as a wardrob ...

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Lexii’s Looks for da Low | Karrueche

Before I lay this on you guys, I just want to say that I saw this first. Nah I’m just playing, but as a denim fanatic, this Look for da Low is a personal favorite. With that being said, let’s get started! Karrueche Tran has been well known in po ...

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Insta-Style Crush: OMAR PARKMAN

OMAR PARKMAN… If his name doesn’t ring a bell I’m sure this super stylish bearded Boston native has graced your Explore Page a few times via Instagram. From being named as Essence magazine’s #MCM (Men Crush Monday for those sti ...

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