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Channing Beumer: From Tomboy to Girl Boss

Meet the beautiful sneakerhead #girlboss behind one of the dopest sneaker blogs written by chicks for chicks… Say, Heeey, Boo to CHANNING BEUMER of CNKDAILY.com!  Over the summer, I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of Dallas’ dop ...

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Shoe Maven: Kendall Reynolds

WHO IS KENDALL REYNOLDS?  If she’s not on your radar by now, allow Row A Seat 1 to escort you to all of the fabulousness behind the KENDALL MILES DESIGNS brand. At 22. the ‘Millennipreneur’ shoe designer started her business during h ...

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Insta-Style Crush: Moccasin-Inspired Sneakers

Moccasins have always been one of the ultimate statement footwear pieces for fall especially for women and children – Now check out these two brands who are definitely keeping it tastefully exclusive for Men’s sneakers. For the past few years, the ‘Mo ...

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