Designer Ron Louis Reveals New Collection

Chicago-based designer Ron Louis launches a new FW16 collection, PHERA, with a “neutral and light blue color palette and textures that were inspired by Adidas track suits,” explains Ron. Row A Seat 1 caught up with the self-proclaimed &#82 ...

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PRSVR Destination FW16 Collection Look Book

The PRSVR Destination FW16 Collection is created for today’s Concrete Cowboy. Taking cues from some of our favorite Western films like Tombstone and Posse, this collection echoes the colors and textures of the Wild West. Each design is crafted t ...

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C-L-I-C-K FLASH: McDonald’s x PRSVR

Fashion + Food is always a great idea and this time around McDonald’s newest “Fresh Out of the Box” TV commercial pays homage to the luxury shopper and their love of ‘exclusivity’ within the sneaker head cult combined with its “limited edition” Sirloi ...

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Insta-Style Crush: Moccasin-Inspired Sneakers

Moccasins have always been one of the ultimate statement footwear pieces for fall especially for women and children – Now check out these two brands who are definitely keeping it tastefully exclusive for Men’s sneakers. For the past few years, the ‘Mo ...

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Events: PRSVR Kicks Cancer with Style

Since 2012, each October the stylish husband-wife team has released a limited edition piece in the company’s signature pink… This year’s addition is one dope creation if I do say so myself! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ...

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…Styled By @DutchTheOmen

To have a sense of personal style is one thing – to know, enjoy, understand and love the idea of changing someone’s confidence by strategically selecting an article of clothing is a gift … We call these rare finds, STYLIST! The profe ...

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