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Wild and Woke are two words that come to mind when I think of the Legendary womenswear fashion designer, Patrick Kelly who nailed it when it came to keeping his crowd intrigued on the runway. Coming from a person who admires the fun in fashion, Patric ...

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StyleChat with the GhostFace Stylist of Paris

YOUTH SMRH… Remember this name.  The 23-year-old fashion stylist from Paris is indeed on my style watch in a timely fashion alongside fellow fashion notables like Vogue.com. The raw talent recently received a Master’s degree specializing i ...

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Insta-Style Crush: Davidson Petit-Frere

Question: How does a man’s wardrobe depict his image? As for me, I learned early the importance of one’s image depicted through their wardrobe; and I have my father and  uncles who were (are) extremely particular about the true essence of a well ...

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