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Lexii’s Look for da Low | Russell Westbrook

These week’s Looks for da Low goes to OKC’s finest, Russell Westbrook. Yes, fellas, it is your time to shine on this one. Westbrook is known for his rather quirky, yet stylish swag. “After all, this is the guy who brought competitive dressing to crazy ...

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…Styled By Chad Groom | The Style Monsters

Meet Chad Groom, one-half of the genius NYC Style Duo that is The StyleMonsters. Our introduction took place to during New York Fashion Week by Nick Cross, designer of Egotistic Egotism as we awaited outside of Teyana Taylor’s fashion show. &#82 ...

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Style Maverick: Brannen August | August Lang

What if you decided to follow your dreams outside of your comfort zone with a job transfer and one hundred dollars to your name? That’s just what Brannen August set out to do and his experience of moving to the Big Apple wasn’t wrapped with a Tiffany ...

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K&K presents UN-HEMMED (Dare to Dream…)

“Not doing this for the glory, yet still this is my story, with visions of the future, but the code of the ones before me. I never chose how my life was designed and cut, strong values, belief now I’m refined a touch…” – ...

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Knits & Knotts introduces “The Assyrian” Collection

The What – “The Assyrian” Amazing neckwear should have a combination of great color(s) and texture. Instead of always relying on the use of silk, we decided to push the bar and work with leather. How else can a simple tie compete wit ...

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Knot Your Daddy’s Bowtie: Knits & Knotts

Persistence … best describes the humble beginnings of the ‘commercial neckwear company’ known as Knits & Knotts. As a child, the future neckwear connoisseur, Augustine Emuwa’s interest in fashion became a mutual introduction from ...

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