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Events: KISS Mag Leaves Its Imprint of Fashion On ATL

On July 7th, the founder of KISS magazine, Sean M. Rush produced the second fashion show installment in Atlanta held at the artsy and stylish production facility, Studio2B sponsored by D’USSÈ with sounds by Core DJ Muzik Manny. As the Midwest strutted ...

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Fresh Off The Runway: EDEN Show Production

During the spring, over a couple glasses of wine at a fabulous abode in downtown Chicago I had the chance to catch up with Daphne Francois Torres, co-founder of EDEN Show Production (alongside her fashion partner in crime, Ebone’ McCloud) we discussed ...

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Fresh Off the Runway: Esé Azénabor FW15

According to the Nigerian-born and Canadian transplant designer Esé Azénabor,  the FW15 Esé Azénabor collection is an unapologetic artistic demonstration of luxury, culture and appreciation for the arts. The collection is inspired by the kingship of H ...

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Style Maven: Chiquita White | Kiwi’s Boutique

There’s an old saying about marriage: ‘the magic isn’t in getting married, it’s in staying married.’ Most often people compare or treat their marriage as a business, and these same rules apply to Chiquita White, the owner of Kiwi’s Boutique, a Chicago ...

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Insta-Style Crush: Davidson Petit-Frere

Question: How does a man’s wardrobe depict his image? As for me, I learned early the importance of one’s image depicted through their wardrobe; and I have my father and  uncles who were (are) extremely particular about the true essence of a well ...

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…Styled by Marcus Ivory

“Styling a few celebrities you might know…” is the introduction to the Chicago native and celebrity stylist Instagram page of Marcus Ivory. Within the past few years Marc Ivory has racked up quite a styling roster with celebrities, publications, comme ...

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In GAUDY We Trust!!!

The evolution of the cotton tee has come a long way since its popularity as a slip-on garment minus the buttons during the Spanish American War. Now, tees have become a fashion staple to everyday wardrobe. During the past decade, starting a T-Shirt li ...

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