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Fashionably Ruffling Feathers throughout Chicago

I met Sam Barrett-Rogers almost 10 years ago backstage during a fashion show for Chicago’s premiere teen publication, True Star Magazine and I thought her pieces were unique, colorful and very fun for the models. I was taken aback when she share ...

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Style Maven: Paula Michelle | Vintage Revival

Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you Paula Michelle, jewelry designer of Vintage Revival! My first encounter of Paula’s work was in her Chicago-based showroom in Lacuna Lofts, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off these vintage charm necklaces and se ...

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Style Maverick: Touré

While strategizing his next move to becoming one of fashion’s greatest designers, Alhassan Toure has a celebrity portfolio as deep as a his Ghanaian roots. Toure’s Clothing has styled the likes of Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface, Russell Simmons, Usher, W ...

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The Remix of Trois Chemises Couture

It’s been at least a decade since the best friend duo of Trois Chemises Couture introduced their ‘Cut & Tie’ collection to Chicago, NY and ATL. With Yoshi Williams’ insatiable ambition and Ebony Thurman’s knack for bu ...

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Style Maven: Socialite by Veronica Ariel

Upon entering the Socialite’s workspace one could gather a few things on her ‘Favorite Things’ list … for starters, she loves the color pink, against the wall was a book shelf she converted to a shoe gallery (all strategically placed by color, style a ...

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In GAUDY We Trust!!!

The evolution of the cotton tee has come a long way since its popularity as a slip-on garment minus the buttons during the Spanish American War. Now, tees have become a fashion staple to everyday wardrobe. During the past decade, starting a T-Shirt li ...

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Dripped Up & Draped Out: Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott came across my attention some years ago as a young, energetic artistic beautiful brown girl with an eclectic style and a personality that lit up the room. At that point, I knew she was far beyond the norm, now fast forward to today; she’s ...

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Knot Your Daddy’s Bowtie: Knits & Knotts

Persistence … best describes the humble beginnings of the ‘commercial neckwear company’ known as Knits & Knotts. As a child, the future neckwear connoisseur, Augustine Emuwa’s interest in fashion became a mutual introduction from ...

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