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Beauty Babes: Dana Renee|Beneath Your Mask

RowASeat1: While reading the introduction, I was very touched by your story. If you could summarize your journey through being a celebrity business manager to your diagnosis, and finally to where you are now – Can you walk me through it? Dana Re ...

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Beauty Babes: Jaz Jackson

Meet Chicago-based MUA JAZ JACKSON.. This beautiful being was already on my FAVES list via YouTube, and the moment we met during a beauty event she was hosting at AKIRA Hyde Park we gelled. But, it wasn’t until we shared the panel for Beauty &am ...

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Beauty Babes: Elaine Welteroth | Teen Vogue

When your work load is consumed with testing out the must-have products, BTS of one epic cover after another, traveling excursions to some of the world’s most beautiful places because they appreciate the importance of beauty as much as you do… hardly ...

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