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LATRISE SHERIFF... Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Director + Artist and an overall talented girl boss with an eye for style, and a need to produce dopeness on every level. The Windy City native is no stranger to hard work and her credentials as a wardrob ...

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Super Stylistic | Ravyn Lenae

In an industry full of duplicates and wannabes it’s very seldom we come across an artist who stands out from their peers, beyond their talent. If I could choose any artist that has their own and unique style right now it would be Ravyn Lenae. The 18-y ...

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Style Maverick: Nicholaus Kane

RowASeat1 had the pleasure of spending a stylish afternoon with Mr. ‘Most Interesting’ himself aka Nicholaus Kane, a Hip Hop lyrical savant from Houston by way of the Windy City. As we strolled the infamous Magnificent Mile style chats of his love for ...

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Fresh Off The Runway: Runway Bella

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion? Runway Bella: It’s always been a part of me. When I was 13, I did my first fashion show and began to study fashion ever since. RowASeat1: Bella is… Runway Bella: Universal. RowASeat1: Desc ...

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Style Maverick: D-Win

Besides fronting his exquisite taste for expensive sneakers and high-end frames – Style Maverick Mr. Dalwayswin aka D-Win, former member of the Hip Hop duo, The Rocketeers and ‘MTVU Woodie Award’ nominee is gearing up for the release of his latest EP, ...

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Dripped Up & Draped Out: Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott came across my attention some years ago as a young, energetic artistic beautiful brown girl with an eclectic style and a personality that lit up the room. At that point, I knew she was far beyond the norm, now fast forward to today; she’s ...

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