My Super Stylistic artist of the week goes to Mick Jenkins. I am a huge fan of Hip Hop music, and I absolutely love the Hip-Hop scene in Chicago. Mick’s lyrical, soulful, and grounded music sets him apart from a lot of artists out now and his style makes it even better. Mick plays around with angles and shapes in his photos that highlights his clothing.

For example, some photos may be of just his body or maybe his shoes. One thing I love about Chicago’s Art scene is that everyone supports each other, and you can always find a piece of Chicago in Chicago artist’s work.

His style includes Chicago brands like the Fat Tiger Works popular “GANG” denim hat, along with other local brands. “I want to set an image for my listeners,” says Mick during an interview on  247HH. There’s something about being able to relate to your audience that says a lot about an artist because if the people who look forward to your work don’t necessarily know where you’re coming from then the connection is lost and clothing can become a huge part of that. His style is definitely not a replica of any fellow Chicago rappers, but it definitely relates to the culture of the city. If you haven’t heard of Mick Jenkins, I insist you give him a listen!


Lexii Taylor
Fashion Blogger Intern
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