Designer Lyrik London of Pink Trash Apparel

RowASeat1: What inspired you to launch your own clothing line?

LYRIK LONDON of Pink Trash Apparel: The first thing I wanted to do was create something that was an extension of the type of person I am when it comes to fashion, quotes I love, clothes that I love and visuals that’s represent my brand overall. I wanted to create pieces that were daring, stylish, and creative… Basically a representation of who I am!


RowASeat1: What is the mission statement for your brand? What does it stand for and who does it represent?

LYRIK LONDON: I think the mission statement of Pink Trash Apparel is ‘Just Be Yourself’ and don’t allow anyone to dictate ‘What Art is’ for you. My biggest message about my brand is to have a hand in self-awareness, being yourself, and always doing whatever it is to make you happy! I try to incorporate that into everything I do, it’s my life’s motto – Be Yourself!

“BAPS” HAT $20.00

RowASeat1: Explain the meaning behind the name, PINK TRASH APPAREL.

LYRIK LONDON: Pink Trash Apparel is something that represents me. It’s something that’s human. Being a man wearing bold hues of pink brings about a level of confidence that must be owned. The average person attaches the color pink to the word ‘femininity,’ but I love to look at it as confidence, unapologetic, masculinity, and bravery. With the word ‘Trash’ I wanted something that was against the grain, for example, ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’ and I wanted to build a brand about what I think a human being embodies whether it’s a positive or negative connotation – It’s all about creating Art and, again, loving what you do!


RowASeat1: Do you have a signature piec that you incorporate in your line?

PINK TRASH APPAREL: The signature piece is the color ‘pink’ and I try to make it a part of every collection I launch for Pink Trash Apparel. And I understand that ‘pink’ isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but I always keep in mind my consumer because I want to create collections that everyone will love!


RowASeat1: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who influences you creatively?

PINK TRASH APPAREL: I get my influence from every day fashionable people, people who enjoy their culture that’s who I’m most inspired by. From fashion, music, film, activists, and Black Culture I take inspiration from all avenues of creativity.


RowASeat1: Why the B.A.P.S influence for your latest collection?

PINK TRASH APPAREL: Well, B.A.P.S is one of my favorite movies, PERIOD! Also, I feel like it’s one of the most under-rated gems ever to hit the silver screen, and I feel like it was way before its time. I love what the movie represents because we’re all from different walks of life with dreams of being/doing better for ourselves and those girls | Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle) | were us in a sense.

They loved fashion, beauty, life, and they were unapologetically ghetto fabulous! I just wanted to pay homage to this movie because it inspired me for sure. For me, this movie (B.A.P.S) is very important to our culture and I want my consumers to be just as inspired and love this collection as much as I do!


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