Recently photographed on the cover and inside of The Hollywood Reporter: Stylists & Stars as one of the top stylists in the fashion industry. Also, LAW ROACH is ‘the first African American stylist to be highlighted as one of the 25 most powerful stylists.,’ reported THR.

Since 2002, Law Roach, the former co-owner of Deliciously Vintage boutique has been patiently awaiting his hand in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist. Insatiable than ever, Luxury Law, has racked up quite a few celebrity names under his Hermes belt.

With portfolio luxuries including Disney Channel’s Shake It Up’ star Zendaya Coleman, Grammy Award winning artist/producer Swizz Beatz, or America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille … Luxury Law’s schedule is nothing less than fabulous!

The self-proclaimed ‘Image Architect’ affectionately known by his close counterparts as Law, can be found BTS on the set of a photo shoot, backstage of a concert tour, gracing the cover and pages of your fave fashion rags, or on-camera making fabulous cameos with clients like Celine Dion, Zendaya, Ariana Grande and Skai Jackson.


Luxury Law has come a long way since his days as a bartender at some of Chicago’s swankiest clubs. For this Midwest ‘Style Maverick,’ YES, dreams really do come true … “It’s what I’m good at, and God blessed me with these gifts,” adds Law.

RowASeat1: Luxury Law is … 
Luxury Law: Oh Wow! I’m an easy going kind of dude from the South Side of Chicago, who loves being his own boss and loves being a stylist in the fashion industry!!!

RowASeat1: Wardrobe Styling because … 
Luxury Law: It chose me! Honestly, it’s the only thing I’m good at, and this is what God blessed me with … It’s what I’m good at!

RowASeat1: Who/What inspired you to become a wardrobe stylist?
Luxury Law: Actually nothing inspired me, I wasn’t anyone’s assistant and I didn’t have a mentor. I decided that’s what I was going to carry myself as because I knew I wanted to be a stylist!

RowASeat1: First Styling Job … 
Luxury Law: My first styling job was for an independent film, ‘Dirty Laundry,’ starring Loretta Devine, Rockmond Dunbar, and Sommore. I was responsible for the wardrobe, and I had to learn it all from character development to continuity … it was hard, but it’s what I wanted to do!

RowASeat1: Fantasy Clients … 
Luxury Law: I’m different than others, I like working with clients who are on the rise, (like my current clients/muse, Zendaya Amaree, and K. Michelle) I feel good because I’m a part of a movement! I choose to work with more of a fresher movement!

RowASeat1: Name three celebs style you admire … 
Luxury Law: Rihanna, Chloe Sevigny, and Swizz Beats, of course!

RowASeat1: When styling a client, what items are necessary?
Luxury Law: (Female clients) SPANX. SPANX. SPANX. Double Side Tape, needle/thread, and a lint brush! (Male clients) Guys aren’t that complicated, but a lint brush for sure!

RowASeat1: Fashion Faux Pas … 
Luxury Law: Oh my gosh! Someone, who rocks EVERY SINGLE TREND at the same time! Laughs

RowASeat1: What trends are you anxious to see for Fall/Winter?
Luxury Law: ALL THE PRINTS. Pastels, I’m such a fan, and I love, love, love the menswear trend! A woman in menswear is so sexy to me … So Androgynous!

RowASeat1: Luxury items do you indulge in … 
Luxury Law: I’m a bag boy! If you know me, you know I carry bags! I switch it up, I have the Givenchy Nightingale bag in gray and the YSL Hamptons bag!

RowASeat1: I Never Leave Home Without …
Luxury Law: (Laughs) My American Express and a pair of sunglasses!

For more information on Celebrity Stylist Luxury Law, check him out here and follow the self-proclaimed Style Capone on IG: LUXURYLAW.