LATRISE SHERIFF... Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Director + Artist and an overall talented girl boss with an eye for style, and a need to produce dopeness on every level. The Windy City native is no stranger to hard work and her credentials as a wardrobe stylist have allowed her to relocate her skills towards a bigger direction. They say ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ and Sheriff’s city girl grit transitioned well as she fashionably moved throughout the Southern streets of Dallas.

Whether she’s on the set of a photo shoot as “Wardrobe On Heels,” designing custom pieces for clients or making moves as the creative director for BDONNAS, and now Sheriff has been delving into her skills of artistry lately. Earlier this year, Sheriff showcased an Art exhibit (Sheriff is holding one of her abstract creations inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat is shown in the photo above) in Dallas featuring some of her latest work at Kauwaune Burton Studios.

Now let’s get into this 1:1 interview: Latrise Sheriff x Row A Seat 1 – It’s always a pleasure to link up with a fellow #ChicagoKid especially when you’re connected to the same fashion circles, it’s alignment at its best. Check out the full interview below and there are images of Sheriff’s artwork + images from her style portfolio – Take a seat!

When did you fall in love with fashion?

It had to be the 90’s I was rockin’ with BBD & TLC heavy. I was wearing the overalls, the boots, and the “Left Eye bangs!” I even made money on the side spray painting on anything you wanted.

I would describe my style as… Chic Tomboy; you know jeans, tee, blazer sneakers or heels. 

Who are your favorite designers?

I have so many, but my top 3 has to be Alexander McQueen, Jeremy Scott & Rick Owens. McQueen, who has this savage, yet beautiful artistry about his work that is jaw-dropping. Jeremy is bold, creative and fearless with his style. Rick is just dope, comfortable and unisex, I can wear him every day.

Explain your start as a stylist.

My start as a “stylist” started in Chicago 2003, styling all my hood rich friends and local celebrities. At that time I was working for Custom Kings (my brothers for life Jay Boogie (One Accord Apparel Group) & Dante of The Fashion Firm, they taught me everything I know about business, cutting, sewing and building relationships. We were who you came to see for custom anything Jerseys, leather suits, wool letterman jackets and more. It didn’t really click as a stylist until I had the opportunity to work with Tameka Foster- Raymond in 2005, preparing for a video shoot with Fabolous & Syleena Johnson. Her set up was crazy, it was broke down like a department in a hotel ballroom. After that experience is when I had cards made. (Laughs)

How will your legacy help the youth?

I love mentoring & teaching! After moving to Dallas, TX in 2006, I started a fashion club at a high school to inspire and encourage them to challenge themselves in what they love to do, and get paid for doing it. Many are doing well as we speak. *blushing I just hope they don’t forget about me.

While traveling to Paris Fashion Week, my travel buddy would be____Rihanna____ because Rihanna is fierce and free I would be forced to match her fly.

The best thing about me is… That I can do everything. I Style, create, design, and paint.

Being a stylist is… Not just playing dress up! The business requires research, patience, counseling, legwork, and confidence.

I’m inspired by… Many things; experience, people I have met and stories I have heard that I never forgot.

Share a quote that describes your life right now. “Do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip; it is your life’s artwork, and you must craft it, hone it a display it with the care of an artist.”

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