Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashion blogger Kara Johnson aka Chinchilly On Style is a firm believer of this quote: “We all have style, some of us just have yet to find it.” And in most cases this is very spot on, but I do know it takes an even greater stylist to help you find it… Style that is!


I’ve watched Kara evolve over the years and the evolution of her style and being comfortable in her own skin has been most amazing to see via Social Media. Her level of versatility from apparel to accessories is complemented as she frequents the style scenes of A-T-L. Needless to say… I am here for it!

Super excited to say that Row A Seat 1 scored a 1:1 with the fly girl herself and we had to bring it here first – Read the full feature below to find out how Kara Johnson birthed her alter ego, Chinchilly On Style.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Kara Johnson: I think like any obsession it grew aggressively over time. My earliest recollection was about the age of 6-years-old growing up in the culturally diverse city of New York. My mother, a hip woman by definition, actively frequented the night scene and I would love sitting on her bed watching her get dressed in all kinds of reconstructed denim, ruffles, fox tails and furs, minis, sequins, silk bombers and neon leggings. Fashion was so extra in that era. When she would leave I would play dress up in her closet. My fashion influences and love started in those nights and never evolved as opposed to ending.

Kara JohnsonRow A Seat 1: Who is Kara Johnson vs. ChinChilly?

Kara Johnson: Kara Johnson is the hands-on mother, the business woman, the active aunt and devoted daughter. Kara Johnson attends Saturday play dates, church on Sunday and is in the gym by 6 A.M. on Monday morning. She’s balanced (she tries). She has a deep passion for life and it’s often overlooked intricacies. That is why she finds pleasure in travel and meaningful conversations. Chinchilly is my alter ego who to the naked eye is probably quite vain. Fashion is her only concern and she indulges in all of it.

Row A Seat 1: Tell me about your styling experiences while working for Atlantic Records, Sony Music Group and Runway Magazine. What skills did you obtain that made you a better stylist and businesswoman?

Kara Johnson: Working with the major labels were my first major gigs in styling. It obviously helped me perfect my craft working on larger, highly publicized projects. Bigger than that, it introduced me to the culture and politics of the industry which I believe is equally as important to anyone who endeavors to style in this capacity. There’s so much more to styling than coordinating looks, it’s an actual business!

kara-3Row A Seat 1: I absolutely love THE BLACK COLLECTION on ShopHerKloset.com. Explain your vision for starting up the HK brand. Which pieces do you love the most?

Kara Johnson: HK was already in existence when I came on board. My friend and business partner, Coya Houston founded Her Kloset. In conversations about another business endeavor, we realized how my blog chinchillyonstyle.com and ShopHerKloset.com could be mutually beneficial.

As a blogger and stylist, I am constantly inundated with inquiries as to where I purchased the items that I am featured in. An even more common conversation with my subscribers and followers has always been, how can they accomplish my look for less. Her Kloset is that juncture between affordability and luxury.

kara-1Row A Seat 1: To the future fashion bloggers and stylists, can you share three things they should know about this term: “Invest In Your Brand?”

Kara Johnson: Investing in your brand is essential. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will and the first testament to that is putting your money where your mouth is. Further and more vital in regards to resources is time. People think entrepreneur and they think making your own hours and freedom, but owning your own business is worse than a 9-to-5… It’s a nine to nine, ten and even twelve. You only get out what you put in.

Row A Seat 1: As a celebrity fashion stylist there are key components every great fashion stylist should have in their ‘Stylist Kit.’ Which items are the ‘Holy Grail’ of your kit? Why?

Kara Johnson: Kit essentials that I never leave home without.. Undergarments! You will not believe how much the wrong undergarments can ruin and entire look yet how overlooked it is when building a kit.


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