Fashion Stylist Becca AlexisAllow me to introduce Lady Becca Alexis

Here are 5 Fun Facts You Should Know: (1) While a student in college she was a wardrobe assistant on TV shows like: Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami and Six Feet Under. (2) Becca is an alum of FIDM. (3) Celebrity stylist to stars like: Janet Jackson, Marlon Wayans, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, Mark Wahlber, Katherine Heigl and etc. (4) Contributed to the following mediums: Essence, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and (5) Launched a fashion firm with bestie and fellow stylist Hachy Mendez, Hachy & Becca…

Talk about grinding – Resume and portfolio is impeccable!

I’ve been a fan of Becca Alexis’ work for quite some time and it was only right to have her grace RowASeat1 with her presence. As soon as I contacted her she was more than delighted to assist me. It’s always a pleasure to bring a veteran of the fashion industry to my readers and Becca Alexis was a perfect addition.

That said, check out the exclusive interview with Celebrity stylist and Style Contributor Becca Alexis.

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Becca Alexis: In Junior High, I really started to get into fashion. I was flipping through my first fashion magazine ELLE, which I stole from the local laundromat. I remember reading a fashion trend story on iridescent colors and I was so fascinated even though I didn’t know much about the trend, but the way, in which the writer provoked the imagination in me, I felt like if I wore iridescent colors I could feel like a supermodel.

RowASeat1: I Am…
Becca Alexis: Full of contradictions, always game and thinking.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

Fashion Contributor Becca Alexis Becca Alexis: My style is always evolving and I like my clothes to fit really well. People have described my style as: 1. A sexy school teacher, 2. Fabulous but reasonable and 3. Bold but classic.

RowASeat1: What do you love most about your career?
Becca Alexis: The flexibility.

RowASeat1: Post your first style gig with Nelly, how have you grown as a stylist?

Becca Alexis: Wow! I can’t believe that gig was 10 years ago! I don’t get as attached to my work as I used to. I used to treat my work as a commodity, which helped in building a brand, but now that I have grown and have diversified my brand in so many ways I am more transactional. It is very common as an artist to be protective of your work and become concerned with what will happen once the masses get to it, what the conversation will be on social media. Now that I view it as a transaction, I can enjoy how my work influences others without feeling like I need to control the response.

RowASeat1: Name your top 3 collections from SS15, why?

Becca Alexis: Just 3!! Gosh, there are so many! The feeling of the 70’s is going to be a big trend next year: The feeling of escapism and self-identity. So I’ll focus in on the trends I felt best represented that vibe. Pucci had the crazy tie-dyed, Etro had the prints and the fringe, and Chloe depicted the prairie, innocent singer songwriter 70’s feel. But Mary Katrantzou’s Spring collection was just an amazing collection. It was daring and inspirational. It felt like the softer version of futuristic with an interesting influence of earthly references.

RowASeat1: Tell me about Pulchritude & Concepts.

Becca Alexis: My best friend and I started this company back in 2007. I had just started working with Trey Songz and contributing to Harper’s Bazaar, work was very consistent and I could no longer treat my trade as a hustle. My business partner was working with Omar Epps and Marlon Wayans on the west coast. So we decided to start a company and treat our services as a profession. Pulchritude and Concepts was our company. We did styling, product development and design work. We now have branded our company as Hachy and Becca, since that’s what everyone refers to us as. Check out our work here.

Hachy and Becca



RowASeat1: I understand you’re working on a fashion film, what’s it about?

Becca Alexis: I started working on a personal fashion collection while I was caring for my dad who recently passed away to cancer in June of 2014. It was my creative outlet to deal with the immense pain associated when a loved one is battling for his life. I ended up with several pieces and I decided that I wanted to share this project. Currently the collection is available to view on I will have a fashion film with the pieces spring of next year.

RowASeat1: What’s on your fashion wish list?

Becca Alexis: I want fringe bags from Chloe and Etro; I want the flirty dresses from Fendi; The colorful boots at Chanel; The peek-a-boo suits from Balmain; The laser-cut dresses at Valentino; Sexy stilettos from Aquazzura and the dope Port Au Prince jersey from Stella Jean.

RowASeat1: Define fashion vs. style.
Becca Alexis: Fashion is a book. Style is a story. The story is what makes the book interesting. Style is the interpretation of what the fashion designers are conveying.

For more information on the fabulous stylist and writer Becca Alexis, be sure to follow her via Twitter, Instagram, Poshmark and Pose: @beccalexis; and Facebook: Becca Alexis.