Stylist Ashley Crawford

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Ashley Crawford: I fell in love with fashion from the moment I was able to dress myself. I’ve always felt I was born to be an artist. Fashion and style just so happened to be my art form of choice so I nurtured it!

RowASeat1: I Am…

AC: Ashley is all-things creative, even if I have to create it! Free-spirited, passionate, and comfortable, but more importantly, I’m confident with the way I’m projected to the world.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

AC: My signature look is very “Ecl-EDGEtic Chic” Eclectic, Edgy, and Chic, a cool balance of high-end idealism but a realistic low.

RowASeat1: How long have you been styling? What inspired you to become a stylist?

AC: I’ve been styling professionally for 3 years. I happened to be out at a restaurant one day and ran into a photographer that worked for FORD and Factor modeling agencies. He allowed me the opportunity to style some test shoots with him. Soon after I submitted my work to the agencies and everything took off from there! I love styling because it allows me to turn my “visionary style” into reality. Art, other artists, music, and strangely nature, inspires me because it helps me with my color aesthetics.

RowASeat1: What is a typical day like in your world?

AC: A typical day for me usually consists of doing my “homework” if I’m not styling I’m getting inspired… Blogs, magazines, street style…Preparing for a shoot is probably the most hectic of it all.


RowASeat1: What’s your average client like?

AC: I do mostly agency work, but I enjoy it because it allows me to work with the best of the best in the industry and city.

RowASeat1: Name which SS15 trends from the runway you think will be a hit with Street Style?

AC: The SS15 trends that I think will be a hit with street style are definitely androgynous tailored looks – For example, pairing wide leg trousers with cropped suit jackets. Mainly because womenswear has taken a turn from the very soft and delicate silhouettes and now it’s all about the “bad girl” attitude, but still polished with a pump or structured handbag. The monochromatic look has also been an ‘IT’ factor. It’s all about being minimal with a twist.


RowASeat1: Who are your favorite designers?

AC: Hands down one of my favorite designers is Rodolfo Paglialunga, the head designer and creative designer for Jil Sander. He does minimal to the maximum with clean lines, not too distracting but designed distinctively. I’m all about the newbies in the game too! Lately, I love the looks of Daniel Silverstain, she uses a lot of geometrics and pieces you think wouldn’t go together, but kill collectively.

RowASeat1: New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, why?

AC: I’d have to choose New York Fashion Week over Paris Fashion Week! NYFW is all about the “who’s who” vs. Paris, which is the “what.” I feel like NYFW is the party with friends (a little more free with the styles) and PFW is the corporate dinner party.


RowASeat1: If you were a designer bag which one would you be?

AC: If I were a designer bag I’d be an YSL ‘belle de jour’ clutch. Chic, small, simple yet a statement, and I can easily find my lipstick!

RowASeat1: Choose which Black Icon from the past you’d like to shadow for a day: Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Eunice Johnson or Donyale Luna? Why?

AC: My favorite black icon I’d love to shadow would be Dorothy Dandridge. She was so beautiful and embodied so much poise and grace. I also feel she set the bar for Black Hollywood and glamour.

RowASeat1: Which items are on your wish list?

AC: My wish list items…. Anything CHANEL. Leather… Or black.


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(Photo Credit from Top to Bottom: 1: Bryan Whitely, 2: Hannah Dexter; MUA: Andrea Samuels, 3: Older work from FORD Models; 4: Christopher Marrs, and 5: Katie Weyers;  MUA/Hair: Kristen Pulice)