Meet Aaron Christmon aka Mr. Smart Dress – the Columbia College of Chicago alum is one stylist to keep your eyes on, especially with a growing roster which includes Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, America’s Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez, Rapper/Model Lola Monroe and Sunday’s Best winner Amber Bullock.

Can we say impressive?

Influenced by his aunt as her assistant at an early age, Aaron knew this was his calling. While GQ magazines became a style guide and retail jobs taught him experience, Aaron decided to turn what he loved doing naturally into what he could achieve successfully as well as financially – so he created his dream job, Smart Dress.

“Graduating from Ordinary to Magnificent” is Aaron’s motto as the young stylist/personal shopper believes that with his help each client can not only look amazing from their outer appearance, but they can be able to ‘breakdown the fashion barriers that exist in their personal lives just by knowing they are well put together,’ said Christmon.

Now if you’ve ever styled before or assisted a friend/family/co-worker as a personal shopper then you know the feeling … Ai yi yi! I tip my brim to all stylists/personal shoppers (rising or celebrity status) trust me, it’s more than playing dress up, which is why Aaron’s mission to his clientele is to promote, enrich, educate and influence them with services ranging from personal shopping and closet reorganization to fashion show production and photo shoots.

Are you ready to make the ‘SMARTest dress decision’ with Aaron Christmon? Take a seat; Row A Seat 1 has the exclusive on Chicago’s native son who has a growing celebrity list …

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Aaron Christmon: I first fell in love with fashion as a child. I can remember early as nine or ten years old, picking up my first GQ magazine, being inspired by what I read and saw. It was then when I realized I had a passion for the fashion industry.

Row A Seat 1: When I’m styling a client I feel …

AC: When styling a client I feel inspired. The feeling I get sometimes is hard to define, but working with different people in regards to their personality, lifestyle, and background is always extremely fulfilling.

Row A Seat 1: How were you introduced to styling?

AC: My first introduction to fashion styling was with my aunt. She was a fashion stylist and would always invite me with her on work sets. Being able to work with her was a great opportunity. It was my first hands on experience in the industry.

Row A Seat 1: Who are your favorite stylist(s)? What about them and their work stand out most to you as a fellow stylist?

AC: My top two favorite stylists are June Ambrose and Rachel Zoe.  I am extremely inspired by their work ethic and approach to the fashion Industry. They both have longevity and are constantly are evolving.

Row A Seat 1: Explain your personal style …

AC: Sometimes my style is sometimes hard to categorize but I can safely say that it is relatively trendy with a bit of quirkiness. I love to be different and try new things. I also enjoy making a statement.

Row A Seat 1: In what way would you like your work to be noticed?

AC: I want people to notice my work through the clients that I work with. For me, fashion isn’t all about the outward appearance but helping people feel better about themselves from the inside too.

Row A Seat 1: Name three designers you admire.

AC: I appreciate and admire many designers, which makes this a tough question, but for the sake of narrowing it down, I would say Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Thom Browne, and Marc Jacobs.

Row A Seat 1: Name three celebs you would love to style.

AC: If I could work with any three celebrities right now I would say Rihanna, Kerry Washington, and Kim Kardashian. I would love to see my work on these superstar women.

Row A Seat 1: Important items a stylist should have in their kit.

AC: A stylist kit can be pretty extensive but a few things I would recommend would be styling tape, a garment rack, a steamer, lint brush, and a Clorox bleach pen. They are my necessities.

Row A Seat 1: I don’t leave home without …

AC: This is easy for me. I won’t leave without my phone, watch, or business cards.

Need Aaron Christmon of Smart Dress to style you for your next event or photo shoot? Check out the newly revamped site here. Follow the style maverick on IG: smartdress; Twitter: @smartdress; and Facebook: Aaron Christmon.