YOUTH SMRHRemember this name. 

The 23-year-old fashion stylist from Paris is indeed on my style watch in a timely fashion alongside fellow fashion notables like The raw talent recently received a Master’s degree specializing in Fashion and Luxury from the European Business School in Paris (EBS). 


With a couple thousand followers shy of hitting 10K, YOUTH’s innate love for fashion (since the age of 15) has created him a cult fanbase via Instagram. I like to call him the ‘Ghostface of Style’ Why? YOUTH has never shown his face (I think this might be the closest we’ll get in this picture above with FroGirlGinny, but his signature pose includes his nicely toned arms adorned with a silver bracelet and two rings (one on his ring finger and the other on his pinkie) reaching out to put the final touches on his models.

TRUST ME. Row A Seat 1 is here for every street style creation ‘made of garbage bags, bandages, sponges’ and the many layers of denim, belts and windbreaker suits… Keep striving for greatness, YOUTH, we see you making moves!

Check out this dope 1:1 interview hot off the press from Paris… 

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Youth Smrh: I have been giving my friends and family free style advice since I was 15 and recently decided its time I get paid for it. So, I started my Instagram page about two months ago.


Row A Seat 1: Who is Youth Smrh?

Youth Smrh: My name is Youth, I’m 23 and I live in Paris. I just got my master’s degree from a business school in Paris specializing in Fashion and Luxury.

Row A Seat 1: Youth, explain your styling method.

Youth Smrh: I don’t have any techniques or special tricks, I just express who I am through the styling. We are all genius in something and it’s what I do the best. So, I just keep working on it to bring something different. I’m thankful for the process that the results are different. I wouldn’t be able to give a perfect definition of my styling methods.


I grew up in Paris and I love the way people are dressed in general (most of the time streetwear style). Even if I really love this style I have the feeling that everyone is trying to copy each other. For me, London is a place where we can see much more different styles and I really do love it. That’s why I am just trying to do what I would like to see more at least in Paris, which is the difference. Moreover, I think that we can do fashion with anything we see, touch, feel or think about. I personally did some pants made of trash bags, bandages, and sponges.

Row A Seat 1: What made you want to go against the grain from the traditional ‘Parisian Style’?

Youth Smrh: I don’t want to go against the grain from the traditional Parisian style. I just want to express what I feel. When I do fashion, I don’t have in mind anything else than what I feel. I love the Parisian style, but I am here to add something. There are so many cool people all around Paris. Fashion doesn’t just mean clothes to me. Sports make people more connected, Art makes people more connected, fashion makes people more connected as well. I just want to inspire as many people as I can basically use their creativity the right way and think outside of the box.


Row A Seat 1: Tell me how you felt the moment you were contacted by Vogue.

Youth Smrh: I felt blessed and so grateful. This is huge to me and it gives me a crazy motivation to never give up and keep believing in my dreams. I wanna say thank you one more time to and every person who worked on this interview.

Row A Seat 1: Name some people in fashion you admire. Why?

Youth Smrh: I admire every young person who’s trying to work hard on their clothing line. I admire people who are already in the game and doing great. I admire people who are writing me and talking to me about what they wanna do later because these are the geniuses. Everyday someone is sharing with me their ambitions, asking me about tips, questions about how, when, who? Sometimes they’re telling me that its complicated because of this or this. The message I can deliver to people and not just fashion, is to never give up! We are all genius in something as I said before. All of us are able to do great things. We can do it and we are going to make it. Think like a game changer. 


To follow more of Youth’s styling projects, check out his Instagram here