Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams of Young Moguls Brand with Steve Harvey
Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams of Young Moguls Brand with Steve Harvey

It’s no question that Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams aren’t destined for greatness, especially since the two have been entrepreneurs since the age of 10.

Life for the ‘Young Moguls’ began when they started their first company; Kids Toys, Inc., an online store created to sell their old toys and video games to their peers. But, it didn’t stop there, Brandon and Jordan created a school newspaper, started a teen financial company; Making Money for Teens, penned a finance book for teens; Who Needs An Allowance? A Teen’s Guide to Starting Their Own Business, and launching a clothing brand; Young Moguls Brand. All of their hard work and dedication had the media buzzing, which landed the teen entrepreneurs on shows like; Steve Harvey‘s radio and television talk shows, FOX, PBS and more.

Row A Seat 1 had the opportunity to interview the Young Moguls and we loved everything Brandon and Jordan had to share with our audience… Check out the 1:1 feature below including pieces from their latest FW16 collection.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams of Young Moguls Brand: We’ve always been interested in fashion. We both tried to keep up with the latest trends in apparel and sneakers. We saw fashion as a way to express ourselves, so it’s something we enjoyed early on.


Row A Seat 1: From Kids Toys, Inc. to Young Moguls Brand, tell us about the inspiration behind the entrepreneurial journey.

Young Moguls Brand: Our parents are responsible for sparking our passion for entrepreneurship. When we were younger, our parents started their own businesses and spent most of their time working from home. We always looked up to them and followed their example. At a young age, we realized that entrepreneurship gave us control over our financial future. By starting our own business, we were able to work a job that we were truly passionate about and become our own boss. Entrepreneurship also gave us the chance to impact other people in a special way and start a movement that people can relate to.

Row A Seat 1: Brandon and Jordan, I am so proud of you – Congratulations on all of your success thus far! I love how you two have impacted the world and you didn’t sing/rap a song or play sports to do it. How have the responses been from your peers? Do you see an entrepreneurial shift in the youth through your work?


Young Moguls Brand: Our peers are very supportive of what we do! They love wearing our clothing because it has a message behind it and something we created at a young age. We definitely see more young people turning into entrepreneurs. We receive many emails throughout the week asking for advice to start a business and how to start. We are thrilled that we are shifting young people’s mindsets into understanding you are never too young or old to follow your passions.

Row A Seat 1: Explain the ‘Wear Your Story’ movement.

Young Moguls Brand: ‘Wear Your Story’ means whenever you put on a mogul product you are exemplifying someone who is ambitious and following their dreams. We want our clothing to inspiration a generation of young people to become entrepreneurs and become leaders of tomorrow.

Row A Seat 1: In your words… Define the term Young Mogul?

Young Moguls Brand: A ‘Young Mogul’ is an individual who takes initiative to create opportunities for success. A mogul uses his or her passions and talents to make a profit and make a difference. These individuals are not afraid to think outside the box or break away from the norms of society.


Row A Seat 1: How is the business? What’s next for you Young Moguls?

Young Moguls Brand: Our business has experienced amazing growth over the past few months. The brand is spreading across the country and we’ve been getting a lot of engagement on social media. As we transition into college, our main goal is to expand our product line and our reach. We are also setting up speaking engagements to share our story and motivate other teens to get involved with entrepreneurship.

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