Spinning since the age of six… the Harlem native who is known, as That’s Broadway is without question a ‘Rockstar’ behind the 1s and 2s.

p911987142-3Whether it’s bringing the illest soundtrack to the hautest clubs during the weekend of MAGIC Vegas; booking gigs in Toronto, Canada; killing the crowd in Miami for Spring Break; or ringing in the New Year at The Drake Hotel – Chicago this ‘Dancefloor Junkie’ is no stranger to the art of hustling.

So when he reached out to me about being featured on RowASeat1 I was a bit hesitant at first, but as I figured some things out and included an exclusive photo shoot it was all game.

So, on September 25th, we shot with Chicago photographer/videographer Carl Ankrum of TheMediaMD at Ven Sherrod Photography Studio in UIC Village. Contrary to his ‘larger-than-life’ personality I think That’s Broadway showed a side of Christopher Kelly and moments like this I live for with the interviewee because guards aren’t as high. We began talking about his upcoming project, That’s Broadway Christopher The Good Kid EP, his love for Miami and Canada, future endorsement deals, fashion, Harlem, Chicago, family and friends, indeed he’s one busy guy.

That said check out the RowASeat1 x That’s Broadway interview below as he gave us a glimpse of how he continues to do things his way… BROADWAY!!!

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Broadway: Growing up in Harlem, I fell in love with fashion merely by stepping outside of my building. Where I lived people were very creative and original with their choices of fashion. I saw so many different ways to flip outfits it made me become creative with the clothes given to me to wear for school. I would take a pair of average jeans; cut them and made them into something racy & fresh and more importantly caught the eye and got noticed.

RowASeat1: Christopher Kelly vs. That’s Broadway.

p890803564-3Broadway: Christopher Kelly is an intelligent young man raised well by his parents. He is respectful, loving caring and very into his family and friends. He’s very honest and really is a good kid. He grew up around the urban elements, but he didn’t and wasn’t allowed to partake in any of it.

That’s Broadway is who Christopher practiced to be. He has the attitude, pizzazz and flash needed to be a Rockstar. Broadway is the guy who pushes the envelope and isn’t scared to try things or show you his ambition through his talents.

Every kid envisions who he wants to be. Honestly, I was blessed to bring my vision to life everyday.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

Broadway: My personal style varies from my mood. I’m a very moody guy. Although the idea is to always keep it fresh sometimes the grittiness of how I feel it could be reflected in my wardrobe for that day.

RowASeat1: Let’s talk sneakers for a bit – Favorite designers/brands? How many pairs do you or have you owned?

Broadway: I’ve owned over 1500 pairs of shoes maybe more in my lifetime. I don’t collect anymore because I’ve already received my street accolades for having a fresh pair. I leave that for the next generation to enjoy what I’ve enjoyed. I don’t have a favorite pair or brand. If it catches my eye and I feel it, I get it. That’s the beauty of me. I’m not so trendy. I like to set trends.


RowASeat1: Tell me about your first gig as a DJ.

Broadway: It’s a blur, but what I can remember is that Grav’s father took me on my first gig and gave me a 20-minute section to get busy and it pretty much was one of the scariest things to go through.

RowASeat1: Growing up in Harlem, how influential was music in your life?

Broadway: Music is everything. Music is the heartbeat of everything I do. Pretty much it’s about God and music now but then I did everything surrounding music.

RowASeat1: Congratulations on your EP, tell me about it.

Rockstar Broadway LogoBroadway: (Much appreciated!) My EP was truly an experimental thing that turned into a miniature masterpiece; I got this beat from Jahari, which is now called Cold Love.

I laid two verses on it and it was magic. Jahari gave me another beat and said make another and so on and so forth to where other producers who are also peers such as Thelonious Martin, The Hill & Tony Baines have also put their seasonings on this EP. It’s a really good body of work.

RowASeat1: Favorite DJ growing up.

Broadway: My Mother has always been my favorite DJ. When I was a kid I would watch what music did to her and how people reacted when she played her tunes. I wanted to do exactly what she did. That imprint is embedded in my mind forever.

RowASeat1: Best party you’ve ever DJ’d.

Broadway: There is no best party I’ve ever done, yet. Different times and different moods for everything I spin. There have been parties that have been absolutely insane and crazy and then there are parties where the patrons have only been there to listen to the intricacies of your spinning. It’s the equivalent of being an Art exhibit. Those parties are also just as fun because I can be as creative as I want to be.

RowASeat1: Most valuable lesson you’ve learned in this industry?


Broadway: The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to not wear your emotions on your sleeve and to stand on your brand, as well as negotiate without personal feelings involved.

RowASeat1: Favorite place to travel.

Broadway: Toronto, Canada

RowASeat1: What’s on your wish list?

Broadway: I’m really not into material possessions anymore. Like… I’m simple. I like frayed blue jeans, a simple white v-neck t-shirt and a beautiful pair of shoes. My wish list now is to own a large home with a pool, barbecue and watch the kids play. If I can create another Broadway or inspire another aspiring DJ that would make me happy.

RowASeat1: If you can select any theme song to describe your life, which song would it be?

Broadway: Did It My Way – Frank Sinatra.

For booking inquiries, please send email here: rockstarbway@gmail.com and to check out which hautest clubs/events his spinning at follow him on IG and Twitter: @ThatsBroadway.

Photo credits by Carl Ankrum follow him on IG: @themediamd.