He calls himself the ‘Melanated Louboutin’ for Men’s shoes and the 22-year-old entrepreneur from Arkansas has major plans for his brand Like Father, Like Son, a designer shoe company designed by CEO & Founder Eric Jones and handcrafted in Brazil. “People can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over four months because of the way I brand my company as well as myself… and the fact that I live in Arkansas,” said Jones.

According to Jones he doesn’t produce seasonal collections, he believes in giving his consumer capsule collections including classic designs they’ll incorporate into their everyday wardrobe. “The company’s vision is to create the best quality shoes for our customers at the most reasonable price so they won’t have to break their wallets while breaking new grounds in fashion,” explained Jones.

Row A Seat 1 caught up with the ‘Doctor Dapper’ of Men’s shoes to discuss fashion, his company’s legacy, and the best advice he’s received as an entrepreneur. Check out the full interview with Eric Jones of LFLS Shoes below…

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Eric Jones of LFLS Shoes: Around January 2014, I found my love for fashion during my second semester of college after I recognized the way my fellow classmates carried themselves in my hometown and the way they were treated because of it. I wanted to show them that the way to dress can make a difference in the way people view you. I grew to believe that fashion is a way of saying who you are without having to say a single word.

My personal style is dope because… I have a kind of vintage style and I add my own little twist to it.

Row A Seat 1: Name some designers you absolutely love. Why?
Eric Jones: I don’t really have any popular designers I love. For one, I love myself and what I do. I also have a love for a couple of up and coming designers I went to school with. We’re making our own path, that’s the reason why I acknowledge them.

Row A Seat 1: Explain the genesis of your career. How will your legacy help the youth?
Eric Jones: I started my company, LFLS Shoes (Like Father, Like Son Shoes) by reading an article about a girl that started her own shoe company after knowing nothing about the shoe industry. I knew a little about the industry and could sketch up my own styles. The only thing I was missing was the money part of the equation. So, I decided to reach out to some key people and connections continued to grow from there. My legacy will help my kids because they will be able to live a more stable and positive life that I lived. My hard work and experience will give me a great foundation of knowledge to pass on to my children.

The last thing I googled was… I was literally just googling shoes and sketching up new styles for the future.
One person I’d love to meet would be… I’d love to meet Kevin Hart and get him in a pair of LFLS shoes
My favorite place to travel would be… I want to travel to Brazil very soon because that’s where my factory is located
The shoes I create are… Unique and for the most part never before seen or have a feature that no other brand has added to a men’s shoes.
This is what inspires me… All the hard work and sacrifices my mother made. RIP
The dopest advice I’ve received as an entrepreneur… If you’re afraid of being broke, this entrepreneur life isn’t for ya.

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