Cambino - The ClassicCLASSIC. FRESH. CULTURE. – Three words to describe the motto behind one of Chicago’s hautest unisex street wear brands, CAMBINO.

Fairly new to the fashion scene in the City of Wind, CAMBINO gives street cred to wearable Pop Art with brand favorites like the ‘DollFace’ collection featuring a colorful and stylish spin on Marilyn Monroe rocking a pair of fashionable frames, which has been a hit for both ladies and gents.

CAMBINO is an Italian word meaning ‘To Change,’ and it’s the perfect melody combining Fashion + Art + Streetwear that evolves the brand to becoming more of a lifestyle.

RowASeat1 caught up with the Creative Director of CAMBINO, Eric Cameron to talk fashion, the future of CAMBINO and hear what Eric has to say to the upcoming designers… Take a look below and be sure to shop the brand as well!

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

ERIC CAMERON OF CAMBINO: My love for fashion began at the age of 10 years old. I grew up in the heart of Englewood, Chicago during the late 80’s through the early 90’s. Therefore, the neighborhood dope boys heavily influence my personal sense of style, also by my pops and uncles – they were the ladies men who wore tailored suits and designer loafers! Basically, it’s Iceberg meets Tom Ford.

image8RowASeat1: In your words, explain what the CAMBINO movement brings differently to the fashion industry.

ERIC: CAMBINO brings charm and a little romance into street wear. Each character logo has a different identity that our demographic can relate to. They also make up a larger story with our corresponding designs. The designs are essentially Art pieces. I just use clothing as the canvas! Early pop culture, life experiences, and the beauty in diverse cultures throughout the world inspire our pieces. I take those concepts and merge them with new, and fresh ideas to create our own signature look.

RowASeat1: Describe the ideal CAMBINO consumer and how they should represent your vision.

ERIC: Our ideal consumer has an appreciation for detail and originality. They love clean designs with bold color and personality. They are definitely not “Hypebeasts,” they just love dope sh*t! We have a motto that says: “Wear It Well.” If you wear our brand, pair it with your best.

RowASeat1: CAMBINO means ‘To change,’ in what ways do you plan to change it up in Chicago with your brand?

image3ERIC: In my opinion, Chicago has an infamous reputation. Most of the culture, not only here, but in general is shrouded in the “Street” or “Gangster” perspective. We are Gentlemen. We are going to change that over saturated theme with our own blend of class, Art, and urban bravado! We have a more colorful, charismatic approach to fashion.

RowASeat1: I love how you incorporate Art into your signature pieces. It reminds me of Andy Warhol, the “Pop Art” concept. What piece(s) has been your best seller thus far?

ERIC: Yes, I am an artist first, designer second. Pop Art definitely has a strong influence on my entire approach to design. I love it; it’s my favorite style of Art! Our DollFace Tee, Classic Tee, CamBeanie, and Casanova Bucket Hats are definite bestsellers. We constantly get request for more color ways!

RowASeat1: What’s next for CAMBINO?

ERIC: We are currently expanding our catalog with a lot more options.

image9Preparing to start showcasing our brand at a few of the biggest and best tradeshows throughout the country. We’re also planning to open our own showroom in Chicago around mid 2016.

RowASeat1: What would the designers of CAMBINO say to a fresh talent who has no knowledge of how to start in the industry?

ERIC: For fresh talent, I’d say before you start anything, save and invest your own money! Research and learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the retail business side. Know and identify with your target demographic. Surround yourself with creative and successful people that you can learn from. Also, stay true to yourself. Don’t try to blend in and follow all trends. We are still learning through trial and error ourselves, everything will not go as planned. Just don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal.

To shop some dope pieces from CAMBINO, log on here: Be sure to follow CAMBINO on IG: @Cambino_Chi – Twitter: @Cambino4 – Facebook: Cambino.