According to clothier and model Corey D. Williams, his brand STOLIC came to life in 2009 and it’s been consistent ever since…

From tees to hoodies and hats to sweaters, the letters S-T-O-L-I-C pronounced /stol-ik/ are adorned in its signature monochromatic design. The acronym for STOLIC means ‘Sent to Overachieve Lead in Class’ … so if you fit these requirements then you’re on your way to being a ‘Stolic Kidd.’

It’s been two weeks since Corey posted a ‘test picture’ of Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyongo as a potential STOLIC design via Instagram. The idea of the T-shirt was merely just that, an idea – Reading: “She (Lupita Nyongo) defines #Stolic ‘Sent To Overachieve Lead In Class’ …” Surprisingly the responses were overwhelming with future orders and the rest became a reality.

RowASeat1 chats it up with Corey D. Williams, the fly guy behind the Chicago-based brand, STOLIC. Check out the interview below and be sure to shop his latest designs here.

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Corey D. Williams: I fell in love with fashion in 2007 when I fell out of love with basketball, but I been loyal to style all my life…

RowASeat1: Tell me about the birth of STOLIC.

CDW: In 2009, I came up with the name STOLIC on my birthday and it’s been a process from that day on getting it how I want it. Eventually, it grew as I matured, and it gets better by every design.

RowASeat1: Explain the meaning behind the name, STOLIC.

CDW: STOLIC comes from the word Apostolic the doctrine of Jesus Christ. It is the study of apostles, and how they were sent to regions to change lives. The acronym for STOLIC is (Sent to Overachieve Lead in Class) so anyone is a “Stolic Kidd” who fits these requirements.

RowASeat1: How did you get your start in modeling?

CDW: While I was attending college after I stopped playing basketball. A friend of mines, Mika who I grew up with was a model and she told me I should as well, pointed me in the right direction and I took it from there.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

CDW: My style is a mix of street and class, urban and chic, so I call it “STREET CLASS!”

RowASeat1: As the Creative Director of STOLIC, what inspires you to create for the brand?

CDW: Everything is in the moment with me. Music inspires me a lot in everything I do. Basically I create how I feel at the time whatever mood I’m in depicts how I get dressed everyday.

RowASeat1: I see you’re a part of the PRSVR team, how has that experience helped you as a businessman and creator of fashion?

CDW: PRSVR exposed me to something bigger than myself. They sharpen and highlighted my skills, while giving me a chance of a lifetime to be a part of the team.

RowASeat1: Which celebrity’s style do you admire? Why?

CDW: Kanye, Adam Levin and Pharrell Williams – I must say Kanye because he has no boundaries and his style has matured along the years; Adam because his style is so effortless, but still fly; and Pharrell is just Pharrell he makes everything look cold.

You can keep up with Corey & STOLIC via Twitter: @corey_demon and IG: @corey_demon; and for STOLIC inquires, please email: