Maverick of Style: Robert (Bobbie) Beck III
Profession: Store Manager/Stylist @ AKIRA 
Contact Info:
IG: @bobbieb127

IMG_4088 copyRowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Bobbie: I have always loved fashion and its continuously evolving state! But I fell madly in love with fashion sophomore year of college.

As we all know college is a time to find who you are and it was the place where I learned that I could model, dance, and style all of my friends. I went from modeling in fashion shows to eagerly wanting to learn more about where my place in the industry would be.

RowASeat1: I am…

Bobbie: A force to be reckoned with, and anything that I put my mind towards I’m determined to finish. I expect nothing less than the best for myself and I’m always on a journey to fulfill it. I’m a chameleon changing myself with the times to acclimate my experiences. I am Robert (Bobbie) a third generation, a model, a stylist, a mentor, a mentee, a son, a brother, and a friend. I am me.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

a_4x copyBobbie: My personal style is like a mood ring. It changes by how I feel that day. Style is a never-ending Pandora’s box for me, because I never know what I’m going to create next.

I identify the most with Geek Chic because I love bowties, nerdy fashion glasses, button-ups, and edgy jackets.

RowASeat1: What’s your profession? How long have you been in retail?

Bobbie: I am one of the Store Managers/Stylist at the AKIRA Hyde Park location, and I’ve been in retail for roughly seven years.

RowASeat1: What is a typical day for you at AKIRA?

Bobbie: INTENSE! (Laughs). Working at AKIRA is lots of fun, Its like I get to play dress up but only with clients. The atmosphere is infectious with talks of fashion, new developments, and big events. It’s filled with clientele, pushing and driving sales, and giving my clients the best experience possible. I can’t forget to mention the over abundance of eclectic and fashion forward items I get to encounter. Everyday, I’m learning about new people and cultures through them telling me their styling needs. When I’m done styling my clients I want them to know that I know what’s best for them, and that they not only look great but they feel great as well.

RowASeat1: How did you get into this job?

IMG_4648 copyBobbie: I worked corporate retail before landing a position at AKIRA and decided that if I wanted to be successful in this industry I would need to know the boutique side of things as well. So I applied for a stylist position, trialed with the company and walked out with a job!

RowASeat1: What’s your average client like?

Bobbie: My average client is someone who doesn’t necessarily know how good they look in their own skin. A lot of times they’re looking for a new look or a new prospective on fashion and someone to update their look to make them current.

RowASeat1: Name the most popular brand/trends amongst your clients.

Bobbie: Brands – Lust for Life, Zigi, Akira (red, black label), Morning mist, and Lumier. Trends – Lace, Leather, Layering techniques, skater or body conscious pieces, and prints and patterns.

RowASeat1: Who are your favorite designers?

Bobbie: I love Helmut Lang, Roberto Cavalli (suits), Alexander Wang, Balmain and of course I could go on and on.

RowASeat1: Which items are on your wish list?

Bobbie: An ‘Outlaw’ jacket by Demobaza, Miu Miu metal cap-toe sneaker in cobalt blue and a knee-length blazer.

Try the latest trends and shop with AKIRA’s most talented  stylists at AKIRA Hyde Park, visit the location at 1539 E. 53rd Street or shop online here.