“Fly Behavior represents a way of life. It’s about being strong and taking chances. It’s expression through personal style. It’s confidence. It’s the feeling you get when the sole of that sexy new pair of shoes hit the pavement for the first time. It’s mixing designer brands with thrift store finds… It’s a toast to Life, Love, and Fashion.” – Owner and Girl Boss, Tee Capel

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Tee Capel of Fly Behavior: I’ve been in love with fashion since the 5th grade! That is actually when I begin sketching fashion designs. At that point in my life, I thought being a fashion designer was the only way to be a part of this industry we all love so much.

Row A Seat 1: What inspired you to start a business in fashion?

Tee Capel: Of course my love for fashion. But I’m also a creative ambivert who has always felt misunderstood, weird and just flat out different. This was my outlet. It gave me the opportunity to embrace my forward thinking. Once I became confident in those qualities and saw people were actually embracing it, I was like “Oh, ok we got something here!” I created Fly Behavior to express my unique approach to fashion, but also to relate to the many women like myself who prefer to let their clothing do the speaking for them.

Row A Seat 1: Tell us the importance of choosing the right name to represent your business. Can you share some branding tips with our future entrepreneurs?

Tee Capel: The name is everything. Fly Behavior is a term my sister Tam and I have used forever to describe our flare. We’ve always done things differently with our own unique edge. This to us was our natural, Fly Behavior. So when it was time to name what was at the time a Fashion and Lifestyle blog, the name Fly Behavior, was the only option.
My advice to new entrepreneurs on branding would be to go into business with a solid plan for your brand identity and stick to it. Know who your customer is, what they like, where else they shop. Build your marketing, visuals, social media content, packaging around that identity.

Row A Seat 1: From season to season, what motivates you to deliver FLY pieces to your consumers?

Tee Capel: Getting those emails from new customers about how surprised they are at the quality of their purchases and how I’ve gained a loyal customer. With the influx of online boutiques in the recent years,  at times you get discouraged and focused on trying to make sure you stand out. But knowing I’ve built a community of gals that know, trust and appreciate the quality and flavor Fly Behavior brings, keeps me pushing to continue providing them with something different.

Row A Seat 1: I love the new pieces you’ve incorporated into your SS17 Collection. Which ones are your favorite? Why?

Tee Capel: This season I felt like being over the top for my Fly Behavior gals and they are loving it. As my personal style changes I impose those ideas over to the styles I select for each season. I’ve been pushing myself out of my style comfort zone so it’s only right I bring the gals along with me. One of my favorite pieces from SS17 is the “Cultivated” Maxi dress. It’s colorful, full-bodied, adorned with beading and lace, pleated and has multi-colored layered ruffles. Sounds real extra right? (Laughs)

Personally, I am IN LOVE with Fly Behavior’s Ambiance Snob Collection. It’s very colorful, feminine, whimsical, it’s cruise, and it puts me in a GUCCI SS16 mood… Tee, you really dropped some FLY pieces for #Summer17.

Ladies, don’t take my word for it, please click on the gallery below, then head over to the site to shop your favorites now!!!