Happy Sunday, Style Mavens! I miss you all so much. This week’s feature is undoubtedly going to Miss Lauren Byrd (it was only right to lead with her IG name), and her amazing ability to combine style with grace. Illinois-born and Georgia-raised, I’d say it’s the perfect culture concoction to create a Style Maven – Chicago providing that city edge and Atlanta adding that fluidity of Southern charm. With both of these cities under her belt, it was clear that she was destined to share a part of her vision with the rest of the world. Row A Seat 1 interviewed the owner of LB Style Refinery to tap into where it all began!

Lauren Byrd: Image Specialist, Personal Shopper, Closet Organizer

Row A Seat 1: What sparked your interest in fashion? How did you get started? 

Miss Lauren Byrd: I have a deep love/passion for glamourous fashion. It’s truly in my blood. The women I grew up around (my great grandmother, grandmother, aunt, and mom) have always been my biggest influence/teachers to my fashion journey. Growing up, their closets glistened in jewels, furs, and glamorous 1 of 1 vintage pieces. I remember being so excited to get home from school to run to my mom’s closet and try on her latest purchases while she was at work – this went on for years! (LOL) I looked forward to holidays and special occasions as they would finally pass these pieces down to me. 

I absolutely love your moodboard! How would you describe your personal style?

Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I’d define my personal style as comfortable, eclectic and bold. 

What was your first styling experience? 

My first styling experience will always be special to me. My mom was newly single at the time and she had a super cute girls night planned with a few of her best friends. It was freezing this day and she wasn’t in the mood to go to the mall and shop. I told her I’d style her and I put her in the flyest look, along with all of my favorite vintage accessories that she gave me over the years. It was a full-circle moment because my mom has always been my biggest influence/teacher and now the tables had turned. She not only looked amazing, but she felt phenomenal.

Congratulations on launching your brand! What inspired the name and theme?

Thank you! After intense research, professional guidance, and loving the feeling of making women/men look and feel good … I stepped out on faith and launched the L.B Style Refinery. The Lauren Byrd Style Refinery has not only successfully developed women’s personal style/wardrobe, but we’ve also been able to directly impact our community through diverse initiatives.

As I celebrate the second year of my successful run, I’m proud to see my brand blossom into something way bigger than me. This was always the goal.  

Lauren Byrd

5 essentials every Style Maven needs?

1. Black Blazer/Black Tuxedo Jacket 

2. A tailored suit 

3. A little Black Dress

4. A classic dress coat 

5. A classic pump

Fall/winter or S/S? Why?

F/W. In my opinion, layering allows you to get creative and showcase your individual fashion sense a bit more than you would in the warmer seasons. 

Advice to aspiring stylists? Or even your younger self?

I’d tell aspiring stylists as well as my younger self to remain true to their/my vision and continue to dream.

We live in a world where the photos we see on social media are a constant in our mind and it becomes easy to lose sight of your own creative vision. Believe in your vision and keep going.

All you need is a vision and determination! Just because your first go-round didn’t work out as planned, does not mean you can’t rework and rebrand it. Personal shopping is not an easy task at all. From top to bottom you have to bring the spark you see out of someone and it can change their whole mood. Clothing is not only a good way to express how you feel, but it is also a way to morph your mood. We are very excited to see what Miss Lauren Byrd has in store for us next. Follow her on Instagram @misslaurenbyrd and check out her website for shopping, special services, and more! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1 for updates. Ciao, Bellas!