Happy Sunday, Style Mavens! This week’s Style Maven is a fashion treat for sure! Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Fanny Müller is hitting all areas of All-Things Luxe! From modeling for AKIRA to styling, content creating, and lifestyle blogging. It’s safe to say that this woman is a GO-getter. Y’all there isn’t a look she can’t pull off! I was granted a little insight into the mind of ‘Lafreecaine, the fashionista,’ and I cannot wait to share her story with you, My Bellas. Get ready to take notes!!!

Fanny Müller, fashion stylist and content creator

Row A Seat 1: Tell me about ‘Around town.’ 

Fanny Müller: ‘Around Town with Lafreecaine’ (@aroundtownwithlafreecaine) was born about a year ago mainly to share the hottest places to eat, drink, and enjoy the finest experiences around the cities I’m in and eventually globally one day!  As an influencer & before COVID, of course, I’ve had the chance to get first access to many cool new spots around the city, and attended countless exclusive events. I wanted to take my audience there with me and have them live the experiences through me. With the goal to not only expose them to such a lifestyle but hopefully inspire them to dare to experience such things which are important to me, especially as a Black blogger. Not only that, but I believe Black people should normalize more luxury & fine experiences in our lives so my niche may be on fine dining, but I also support small black family-owned businesses.

Have you always been a foodie? When did you decide to create a lifestyle blog and why? 

Yes, I’ve always been a foodie. Food is a big part of my life and culture. Also, my family has owned many restaurants. Some of my earliest and most cherished memories are in my grandmother’s kitchen. I love how the simple smell of a dish can spark so many beautiful memories or make us travel to a special place. I’m big on culture and food is a great way to learn and connect with people from different backgrounds. I decided to be a lifestyle blogger about six years ago to share my abiding love for all things Fashion & Style. Plus, I love sharing my experiences so having such a platform facilitated all of that. 

How does your cultural background play a part in your style? 

I have such a rich cultural background being from Cameroon. But I didn’t grow up looking at magazines or TV for style inspiration. It was the people around me, in my community, and mainly my mother who is my style icon and inspired me a lot! Where I come from, people really care about how they look and always dress their best for any occasion.

Our clothes are usually bespoke so there’s great pride in uniqueness and originality which I cultivated at a very young age. I paid attention to everything from the way the women adorned their bodies with beautiful jewelry to how they mixed colors, and different textures together. I always found it fascinating! 

At what time in your life did you realize you had an eye for style?

It was my senior year in high school when I first moved to the USA. Now, coming straight from Cameroon where I had to wear uniforms to school five days a week, and the only time you get to show your personal style was during the holiday season or for a special occasion; and to be honest I didn’t have the same access to clothes. So, imagine my excitement being in America and finding out I could wear whatever I want to school. That’s when I started experiencing more with my personal style, and slowly realized I had a keen eye for fashion from the many compliments I would receive at school.

You have five minutes to pick out a fly outfit to go out with the girls. What are you choosing? 

I am all about comfort when I’m going out, I believe your outfit dictates your experience and I refuse to be ‘that girl’ that wants to call it a night because my toes hurt in my heels or my dress is too tight!  So with that being said, I will reach for my most comfortable pair of heels or boots along with a relaxed oversized blazer because as you may know by now… I love to eat my food and a girl gotta hide that food baby in style. Et voilà! 

I love how you incorporate high-end brands into your daily style! Are you more of a vintage lover or you prefer new merchandise?

I’m forever a vintage lover, most of my pieces are thrifted, but I love how easily a high-end piece can elevate a simple casual look and make you look very well put together effortlessly whether it’s an “it” bag or a nice pair of designer sneakers or heels; then you’re good to go!

I, too, love vintage pieces! Not only because the quality is so much better (most of the time), but because they add a different type of value to your fit. On the other hand, something about a high-end accessory can add freshness and vibrancy to a look. The level of versatility Fanny possesses is amazing! Fanny has blended her style effortlessly with influences from her Cameroonian culture and her experiences being in the Midwest. I love how she mentioned that she did not pay much attention to magazines, because magazines can influence us in ways that aren’t beneficial all the time. It also allows your creativity to flow organically because there’s an outside force influencing you!

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