It’s Style Maven Sunday and we have a special ‘Behind the Seams’ feature, I hope you all are ready to meet our Style Maven of the week. How did you like Reginae’s birthday fit? Or, what about all the custom made fits we saw on recent episodes of Wild N’ Out? She has worked with artists like Missy Elliott, Lizzo, Future, Young Thug, Moneybagg Yo, Monica, Kandi Burruss, and the list grows daily! I mean, this woman is truly multi-faceted and a force to be reckoned with. She is… Everything Elle, and her high energy with chameleon capabilities, Everything Elle has worked with the best of the South for sure. The fellow #ChicagoKid and I had an opportunity to chat about her constituent and the natural process of becoming a celebrity stylist + designer. Now, let’s get into it!

Wardrobe Specialist + Celebrity Seamstress, Everything Elle

Row A Seat 1: I see that you’re a Chicago Kid! You know I must kick it off with the official Chicago Flash Q&A, Which side are you reppin’? Name of high school. Harold’s or Uncle Remus?

Everything Elle: I’m A Chicago Kid! Tried and True. I’m from the Southside, Wild 100’s!! I went to Chicago High School for Agricultural Science. And definitely Harold’s!!

Reginae Carter’s birthday bash

ELLE! You have been a busy bee! How did 2020 treat your business?

Honestly, it was a great year for me. It started out strong with some pretty good projects, and then I think we all experienced a much-needed break. The Pandemic was the perfect time for a reset. I’m usually always on the go, from client to client, and project to project – which I love but taking some time to slow down and refocus has been extremely helpful for me, which in turn is always great for business. Since, August alone, the business has grown phenomenally! 

What or Who inspired you to pursue a career in celebrity styling, designing, and tailoring? Which passion came first? And, why?

It was actually never my intention to pursue a career in celebrity styling, tailoring, and design. It’s really one of those things that just happened. I’m just a girl who one day decided to buy a sewing machine from the thrift store. I was working at a small design studio my last year in college and had previously worked for some really big clothing brands so I was more into the clothes and always worked towards my own brand, but once the production industry erupted here in Atlanta, I had a tailor friend who would refer me to every job he didn’t want and that’s how I got into tailoring for productions. Once I became really good, designing and celebrity styling came over time. 

Okay! Let’s talk about your experience working with the legendary Missy Elliott while tailoring alongside the legendary June Ambrose for Missy’s ‘Drip Demeanor’ project. Walk us through your reaction when you were approached to be a part of the project. 

Well, we had already worked on a few projects together before the Drip Demeanor video, but initially, there was definitely a ‘Holy Sh*t, it’s Missy and June’ moment. Excited, but can I pull it off was a real question. When there’s a project in front of us though, everything moves quickly, so there’s no room for fear or feelings – I built my team, plan as best as I can, and GO!! There was Missy along with multiple dancers, a lot of costumes, and more than a few moving parts but those are the kind of projects – with legends no less – which literally pushes you, but pulls greatness from you as well!

When did you receive your ‘Ah-Ha’ moment that you were following your dreams?

My dream was to have my own business and simply have the freedom to do what I wanted to do every single day, whether it be work or rest or travel or just spend time with my family. I realized I was following and living my dream when I became a “go-to” person in ATL, and as the years passed I was able to do any and everything without going back to a corporate job. It’s been just over 7 years now! Being able to accomplish that while doing what comes easy to me is a blessing but helping and inspiring others in the process is really the icing on the cake! 

First of all, this is a prime example of the endless possibilities the fashion industry provides. Every fashionista knows that fit is important! Whether it’s jeans, a gown, or a fly button down, if it doesn’t fit you right then your look can go all wrong. All this time, I wondered who was the person making these cute accessories and outfits for Wild N’ Out?! And some of you probably wondered who was Behind the Seams of your favorite celebrity looks and it’s because there are people like Elle (celebrity seamstress/tailors) who are working tirelessly to perfect those details. Being a seamstress is just one of her talents, and I am sure there are plenty more to come from our Style Maven! Follow her journey on Instagram at @everythingelle_ and you all don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1. Ciao, Bellas!