Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you Paula Michelle, jewelry designer of Vintage Revival!

My first encounter of Paula’s work was in her Chicago-based showroom in Lacuna Lofts, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off these vintage charm necklaces and several charm bracelets (I’m a sucker for a charm bracelet) handmade of brass, fringed leather and all things us girls adore about jewelry, I was mesmerized by her designs. And they say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but I believe jewelry, period is a girl’s BFF. Especially, when your jewelry is couture status – it’s immeasurable!

However, once she saw a need for ‘quality handmade jewelry’ the Lansing, MI native’s jewelry journey began shortly after graduating from The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Paula Michelle had already created a name for herself through wardrobe styling and fashion design from local clients to celebrities from Tyrese to Megan Good.

Paula’s Vintage Revival collections are insanely creative from neckwear and bracelets to earrings and rings with options to customize a design of your choice. To my jewelry lovers, I know this is music to your ears, and as for myself I can’t wait to get my hands on a VR by Paula Michelle exclusive, how about you?

Row A Seat 1 chats with Paula Michelle about jewelry, her favorite designers and where she finds inspiration for her upcoming collections … Sit back and have a seat; the show is ready to start!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Paula Michelle: At a very young age, I grew fond of watching my mother get dressed for her daily events and remember imagining such a grand fantasy of it all.

Row A Seat 1: Vintage Revival is a very uniquely creative line, where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Paula Michelle: Inspiration comes from many sources in my universe…primarily from within, my moods have a strong dictation on what my eyes are drawn to day to day, from there I compile those images that deeply move me into my designs.

Row A Seat 1: I understand you were a wardrobe stylist, why the change to jewelry designer?

Paula Michelle: There was no change, at one point I was doing a lot of wardrobe consulting for personal clients opposed to doing photo shoots. I do style all of my look books for each of my collections and that has been one of the best platforms for me to showcase both of those creative avenues.

Row A Seat 1: Name your favorite jewelry designers.

Paula Michelle: Vintage designers like Nina Ricci and Trifari, I’ve recently fallen in love with Pamela Love, her brand as a whole I admire and adhere by. Back in 2010, Dana Lorenz of Fenton Fallon was the designer who kicked off this whole jewelry design journey.  While working in retail, I was able to view her collections first hand and immediately was inspired to create. The way she brings raw and glitz together is beyond amazing to me!

Row A Seat 1: As a jewelry designer, which period in fashion had the best jewelry? Why?

Paula Mitchell: It’s tough to pick one, mainly because year after year fashion is inspired by the past and things repeat themselves, I am very fond of ‘Hollywood Glamour’ from 1920 to the 1950’s. The boldness of the costume jewelry back then was so striking, and meticulous … breathtaking!

Get more information on upcoming collections and Paula Michelle’s latest projects here. If you’re looking to shop some of the VR by Paula Michelle pieces in Chicago, please stop by Sir & Madame (938 N. Damen or 1504 E. 53rd Street); and Be sure to keep up with Ms. Vintage Revival on IG: _paulamichelle_ and Twitter: @vintage_revival.