Paris MonaganSometimes a child’s environment can depict their future, especially when the parents are extremely influential in their future endeavors.

And for Fashion designer Paris Monagan growing up with much inspiration to the world of Art & Design one could almost say ‘it was written’ for her to become a fashion designer.

Trained by her mother (a seamstress) it was only a matter of time that Paris would soon utilize her gifts and skills abroad.

Post graduating high school, Paris’ mother approached her with the idea of studying fashion design in the UK. A major moment, right? For Paris it was, but that didn’t stop her from taking the opportunity as she enrolled in Kent Institute of Art & Design and attained her Foundations of Art & Design Diploma; by way of transferring to Nottingham Trent University where she studied Fashion Design.

Paris’ experience in Europe redirected her back to Chicago where she decided it was ‘now or never’ to show the world what she had to offer – In 2011, Paris Monagan introduced her brand, Love, Paris.

RowASeat1 caught up with the talented and lovely Paris Monagan to talk fashion, her love interest for sewing as a child and life in London.

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RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?
Paris Monagan: Fashion became the apple of my eye at a very young age. I’d say around the age of 9 or 10. My mother would create my Halloween costumes and sew for her friends and family. I was able to appreciate the art of fashion and how fabric could be manipulated into whatever you wanted it to be.

RowASeat1: Tell me about your clothing line, Love, Paris.
Paris Monagan: Love, Paris is a brand that represents timelessness, boldness and elegance. I believe that each piece that I create is a gift from me to my clients. I was blessed with a gift and I am here to share it with the world. The easiest way to offer my gift to other is to sign each piece, ‘Love, Paris.’ Each piece is inspired by what feels right to me. I believe that true fashion should strike a reaction within the consumer. It should be able to alter a person’s mood, in a good way of course, & I feel that my pieces do just that.

Love, ParisRowASeat1: Paris, you’ve been sewing since 12, how was it growing up with your mother as a seamstress?
Paris Monagan: It was fun at that age because everything my mom did intrigued me. From the patterns that were laid on the floor, to her choice of material, it all made me want to create my own pieces. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to use the sewing machine on my own. My parents bought me my first machine in high school and I’ve used it until it finally gave up on me this past summer.

RowASeat1: What did you learn most about fashion as a student in London?
Paris Monagan: I learned that fashion has no limits. I learned that different cultures accept and view fashion differently. I’m the ultimate risk taker and I appreciated being able to expand my creativity in another country. The first lesson they taught me was to think outside of the box and to always be in a category of your own. Great things are created when your viewer has to analyze your artwork and if it makes your viewer think/ take a second look, then you are a true artist. I learned that fashion is Art and that’s how I approach every piece as Artwork.

RowASeat1: Describe the ideal Love, Paris consumer.
Paris Monagan: One who appreciates the art of fashion. An elegant person with style who dares to be different and who will wear their pieces now or years from now. The ideal Love, Paris consumer never ages. They are edgy yet, timeless and bold, yet elegant.

-5RowASeat1: Love, Paris SS15 Collection – What can we expect?
Paris Monagan: I think I might surprise myself, so I can’t accurately answer that question.

RowASeat1: Advice to upcoming designers.
Paris Monagan: When designing, trust your instincts. If it feels right to you, chances are it will feel right to others.

Design from the heart and never let an outsider’s opinion hinder your creativity. Someone has to dare to be different, why not let that someone be you! True fashion comes from within.

For more information on fashion designer, Paris Monagan and her amazing collection, Love, Paris brand click here and follow her on IG: @loveparisbrand and @loveparisdesigns; Twitter: Loveparisbrand and Facebook: Loveparisbrand.