Designer of EDEN Brand Official, Asia-Janay

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Asia-Janay Roberson of EDEN Brand Official: The first time I fell in love with fashion was around the age of 11. I was in love with Aaliyah and her style. She was a tomboy and she embraced that. She didn’t try to look like anyone else because she created her own lane.

My personal style is dope because… I’m 100% my authentic self. I don’t apologize for who I am or what I wear. 

Row A Seat 1: Name some designers you absolutely love? Why?

Asia-Janay Roberson: There’s so many designers that I like so I’ll try to keep the list short. 

  • Alexander Wang would definitely top the list. The way that he’s able to make women look feminine and beautiful using silhouettes that would normally appear to be masculine is amazing! 
  • Laquan Smith is another one that I obsess over. He’s able to create these pieces that are so sexy and risqué yet tasteful. You can tell that he thinks about every curve, line, and shape of the woman’s body when he’s designing.

Row A Seat 1: Explain the genesis of your career. How will your legacy help the youth?

Asia-Janay Roberson: I began sewing at the age of 12, but I didn’t start designing and cultivating a brand until I was about 20. I was in college studying a major that my heart was not set on so I left the college that I was currently attending at the time and transferred to the Illinois Institute of Art. It was there that I made the decision to start my own brand, so I did. After about six months or so I gave up. Being young and stupid I thought that success was going to happen over night. The work was too hard and things weren’t happening fast enough, so after graduation I got a full time job in the fashion industry and I settled. 

During that time life changed for me. I got married, had a baby and I thought that I had fulfilled what I was set out to do in life. However, a co-worker of mine came across some of my old designs and asked me, “Why are you not doing this anymore?” I couldn’t come up with an answer. I had to be honest with myself and realize that I had given up on a dream that my heart was set on all because I felt like it was too hard. I prayed about it and had a long talk with God then I realized this is my purpose. Designing, creating and encouraging young people is where I’m most happy. My heart is at peace and I feel like I am fulfilling the purpose that God set out for me. That’s why I named my brand Eden Brand Official; the Garden of Eden is that place of serenity and peace. So, I encourage anyone to find out what that place of serenity is for them and fulfill their purpose. No matter how hard it may seem or how much work you have to put in you must know that the reward is greater than the struggle. 

One person I would love to meet would be… I would love to meet Michelle Obama. Her grace, elegance and wisdom is so inspiring. 

My favorite place to travel is… Currently my favorite place to travel is South Beach Miami. I’ve been about four times and absolutely love it but I do want to travel outside of the country soon and visit London.

The best thing about me is… I think the best thing about me is my awkwardness. I can be so random at times, but most of the time it lightens the mood and puts a smile on a person’s face and if I can make someone’s day better then that makes me happy.

The garments I create are… Dope! I want women to be able to feel comfortable and confident being themselves. I design garments that allow women to do and be just that, 100% their authentic self.

This is what inspires me… My son is absolutely my number one inspiration. Any time I have the thought of giving up I think about him and know that what I’m doing and creating is much bigger than me. I’m doing this to be able to leave something behind for him. To show him that hard work, dedication and remaining faithful will allow you to conquer things that you thought were impossible.

The dopest advice I’ve received as an entrepreneur… This wasn’t direct advice, but it’s something that resonated with me. I was scrolling through Instagram as I often do and came across a quote by Wesley Snipes; ”People pray for cake, but when the almighty gives them eggs, oil, butter, batter, a pan and an oven they get frustrated and leave the kitchen.” You have to put in the work. Period! 

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