I’ve been following the work of MICHELLE ELIE-MEIRÉ for over three years now, and I must say her creations from bags to jewelry including her personal style is extremely unique, yet refreshing!  Clearly, I’m not the only admirer of her style just Google her name and watch how the paparazzi swoons over her ‘street style’ every season during Paris Fashion Week.

Yes! Michelle Elie is known for wearing and collecting avant-garde pieces, and the Haitian-born, New York-raised, and Cologne-based trendsetter established her brand PRIM by Michelle Elie in April 2010. The genesis of PRIM happened with her first
collection, ‘Dynamite,’ dedicated to ‘a series of jewelry and bags that I collected over many years which became a one of a kind piece collection,’ stated Michelle Elie. “I could not find jewelry or bags in which I could relate to or wanted to wear. So, I started my own little treasure line really for me and received a huge response from the first collection.” (a quote from an interview she did with All the Pretty Birds).

Get a glimpse of a few bags I selected from her latest collection, E1027, which has been a hot topic amongst fashion editors at fashion week and in the layouts of fashion magazines as one of the ‘IT bags’ for the SS17. Which one is your favorite?