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Designer: Shane Justin | Photographer: Eniary

You’ve probably seen Instagram baddie Lira Galore or rappers like Fabolous dripped in jewels when they’re poppin’ out. Or, the “baddest chick,” Trina styled in a blue leather piece. What about female rapper KashDoll in a lace up jersey dress?

Allow me to introduce you to the man behind these designs… Shane Justin, the creator of DareToBeVintage, is all about the glitz and glam when it comes to his exclusive designs. He specializes in prom dresses, custom-made pieces, recreating designer clothing and turning them into beautiful garments for men and women! Hmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The South Floridian got his start like most upcoming fashionistas by distressing and customizing denim. Shane believes ‘you have to stay true to heart and know what your purpose is in life.’ After spending a semester at Florida A&M University, he decided that college simply wasn’t for him. Instead of stopping there, he thought about designing. “I went to Walmart and bought a little 100 dollar sewing machine,” says Shane during an interview on Talk Back with Vickii J. After practicing to perfection, Shane Justin began to buy vintage clothing and resell them, hence the name, DareToBeVintage.

During the interview with Vickii J, Shane also explained how having his first shop was hard to adjust to because it was essentially the first big purchase he owned. Fast forwarding six years and two shops later, Shane Justin continues to elevate. For example, celebrity favorites like Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna and Cardi B have been spotted wearing his work. And the dream doesn’t stop there, Shane has plans of opening more shops in LA, Dubai and South Beach. If you’d like to get in tune with his designer clothes with a twist you can follow him on Instagram and go to his website.

Photographer: ShaunAndru
Photographer: Eniary

Photographer: Eniary
Photographer: Eniary

Photographer: Eniary

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